• When: 01-05-2019
  • QIC: Garnish, Misfire
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Rosenbagger, Heist, Hustler, Hawg, Splinter, Corn Dog, Misfire, Eldrick, Stain

Battle Battles Atascadero

11 PAX converged at AC Flora for the first Battle of 2019. This was YHC’s first battle Q after a few previous hurricane-related postponements and hopefully the PAX were not disappointed.

Conditions: 46 and breezy, no rain! Excellent workout weather

The Thang:
Grab some pavers for the second half of the workout and drop them at the battle loop. Then 20 burpees, 20 jump squats and 20 BBS. From there, Muv up to the gym parking lot for anther set of 20,20,20 before crossing Forest Dr and heading to the bottom of the hill at Atascadero.

Another set of 20,20,20 at the bottom then a Hill Suicide with 3 touches, the last one being the light pole past the crest of the hill (#crowdpleaser). Flutter kicks at the bottom as a reward for finishing early. Rinse and repeat, after attempting to stop at the top of the hill, we went back to the bottom to retrieve Co-Q’s sweatshirt. Then 20 burpees, 20 wide arm merkins and 20 BBS before the Q handoff to Misfire.

Sprint up Cherry Laurel, 20 wide arm merkins, sprint up Oak Ridge to the end of Edgehill and 20 wide arms. Lunge walk 40 yards, 20 wide arm merkins, backwards jog the rest of the way then finally recross Forest Dr.

Mosey back to the Battle Loop for sets of Accountability Pull-ups. Each PAX takes a turn doing 5 pull-ups, the rest alternate AMRAP of another exercise (iron cross, wall sits, curl press with pavers, Russian twist with pavers). 5 more each for 25, then curls to the outside of battle loop. Mosey to put pavers away then back to COT.


Keep the focus on safety during workouts!

Prayers for Enterprise