• When: 03/25/17
  • QIC: Stones with Help from Balboa
  • The PAX: Pixels, Rubbermaid FNG, Stirrups, OBC, Goober FNG, N'Sync, Spools, Rehab, Balboa, Gill, Chuckie FNG, Stones

Back Slapping, Block Toting, Gettin Better At The Mission

What can you say.  Perfect morning for the Sux.  Weather’s good, downtown Cola has that urban vibe not found in Irmoville with the street market, dog walkers, runners, paper readers and a Finley Park cancer awareness gathering complete with music and vendors …  and our audience.  It’s our playground. 12 PAX with a lot of mubblechatter, dang good workout.  With three FNGs, two from the OGM Program – Rubbermaid, flexible and jack of all trades, and Chuckie, loves his kids and taking them places like … Chuckie Cheeses’.  And thanks to his Foxhole friend’s EH, one innocent soul, now known as Goober, from Lake Murray.  Lake Murray has enjoyed working out with The Mission during March based on what various AO’s have told YHC.  Two good sets of men, The Mission and Lake M back slapping, toting blocks and working on gettin better.  See you next time.  

Conditions: 62, dry, sunny and green grass.

Disclaimer: Do your best and modify.

The Thang  

Haul blocks, bricks, and other heavy coupons from parking lot to park.  Gallon milk jugs and other assorted water filled bottles.

COP Led by Balboa, a program guy taking his first stab, & YHC IC 4Ct x 10 Plank Jacks, Box Cutter, Calf Raise, Chinook, Dirty Dog, Flutters, Fluts (use only one leg), Iron Crosses, Dollies, Raise Roof, Merkins, LBAC.

Everybody Grab Their Coupon with A Second Disclaimer Cause We’re Prone to Showoff Today and Breakdown Tomorrow

From two lines and March a 10 count of MP’s, Rotate and repeat 8, 6, 4 and breaking each up with 10 IC 4Ct Russian Twists

Circle Up Single Ct On YHC

10 Faux Bench Presses, 10 R Twists, RR to 6

Stretch Quads, Calves, Lower Back, holding each on a 10 ct.

RR except Tricep Exts, Rows, Military Presses and dropping  ct to 8, 6, 4.

Partner Up

P 1-7 Military Presses while P 2 Planks, FlapJack

RR except Rows, Presses and kill the Plank on last and substitute with LBAC

Grab Coupon and Form a Single Line

March to 10 Ct of Military Presses, Rotate, Russian Twists.  RR.

Drop Coupons, Circle Up for Dealer’s Choice

Rehab LBC’s, Balboa Flutters, Stirrups Boat Canoeeeeeee with a Paddle

Mosey with Flag to Quieter LY in Park (Man, the music was great for the workout).

Count/Names/Prayer Requests & Praises

Prayer requests and praises included: Pray I can see my kids again and that I’ll be successful this time with my addiction, Pray for my new life, Thanks for F3 and working out with this group-I look forward to it, Thanks for my children, Thanks for this day, Thanks for an opportunity to try again.


And Load Up Those Coupons

Moleskin: The program men were a solid group today.  Balboa stuck to his week long promise and Q’ed alot of the COP, Chuckie stuck to his week long promise and showed up as an FNG. Rubbermaid at the tender age of 59 didn’t take any short cuts today, and actually YHC encouraged him to.  And Gill, another RESPECT gentleman who was not going to stop if the called exercise was a cartilage breaker, instead he modified and kept moving.  Pixel saw we had a leaning flag issue during BOM and saved it from a fall.   Promises kept, work getting done and respect for the flag don’t go unnoticed.

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