• When: 2018-12-11
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: OC, Spanky, Drive By, Huffy, Subprime, Beads, Boris, Oscar, Cesspool, Adrian, Insanity, Froman, Traitor, Fallout, Welcome Week, Love Bug, Jenny, RA

An ode to thunder

Admittedly YHC has been inconsistent in the gloom for awhile. There have been some life issues and motivation issues that have made the fartsack more appealing lately, but not what is good for a man’s soul. Despite that, YHC has been looking forward to this morning’s Q since he got the notification back in September. A chance to lead the pax at Thunder, an honor to say the least and one step closer to filling out my bootcamp Q bingo card. Just Swampfox, Legion, Dawnstrike and Battle left to round it out. Here is what happened:

Conditions: 35 and clear (finally no rain)

The Thang:

Leave the parking lot around 5:31 because it’s Thunder and time is a social construct that is not observed by the pax. While YHC was giving the disclaimer he was instructed that this is Thunder and we don’t need that. So away we went.

Grab blocks from Emily and quickly realize that original plans won’t work since there are only 12 blocks and 18 pax. Time to improvise by partnering up and…

Partner 1 Curls x 21, Overhead Press x 21, High Pulls x 21

Partner 2 Bearcrawl to King street and jog back, swap

Then, Partner 1: Curls x 15, Overhead Press x 15, High Pulls x 15

Partner 2: Lunge walk to King street and jog back

Then, Partner 1: Curls x 9, Overhead Press x 9, High Pulls x

Partner 2: Frank Martins to King St and back


Carry blocks to Queen street, facing Blossom, everyone…

10 x Broad jumps, 10 x RA lunges (each leg), 10 x Frank Martins (each direction) repeat until you get to Blossom, and return to start


Form groups of 3…

Partner 1, run to Devine St and back, Partner 2, Farmer’s Carry toward Devine, Partner 3 BIg Boy Sit ups. When Partner 1 returns to start, Partner 3 runs to relieve Partner 2, who runs back to start and Partner 1 runs to relieve 3 who runs to start. Rotate through 3 times until all Partners have run to Devine and Back, Farmer’s carried to Devine and back and performed an endless # of BBS.

In groups of 3 return to Emily for 100 Pull ups, 100 squats, 100 Iron Cross


Return Blocks, run to COT, plank-orama to 45 minutes (Yes OC that meant going past 6:15 but I get 45 minutes to Q regardless of Thunder’s relationship to time).