• When: 11/07/15
  • QIC: Cousteau
  • The PAX: Dean Wormer, Pele, Cousteau

A Workout So Simple It Couldn’t Possibly Be Hard

Conditions 65 and soggy
The Thang

YHC had the Pax do a series of stretches after still being particularly sore and tight from the previous week’s GRUCK Tough.

Mosey to the wall
Merkin ladder:
People’s Chair for 30 second
Mosey 3o yards
10 merkins
Mosey back to wall
Reduce by 1 merkin, rinse and repeat (switch at 5 to calf raise, merkins)

Mosey to brickpile, grab cinderblocks

4 corners of pain:
1st: incline/decline merkins on block x 12
2nd: LBCs holding block, windshield wipers x 15
3rd: curls for girls, block press x 10
low carry block
4th: cinder block man-makers

Drop blocks off, mosey to shovel flag
Rosalitas x 20
Flutter Kicks until Brickpile Pax return

Announcements: Join us for the Blue Falcon GORCUK workout – Wednesdays at 5:30 from Dreher.

NMM: YHC though a simple workout that focused on stressing the major muscle groups is something that is easy to plan but very hard to maintain for 30 minutes. It was a great workout to abuse those mirror muscles. Will pay off on the next fitness test.

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