• When: 01/27/2017
  • QIC: Beacon
  • The PAX: Kenny G, Belding, Cinderella, Pipeline, Big Time, Heist, Ziffel, Jar Jar, Odyssey, Pi, Improv, Excavator, Bidet, Compost, Holy Poker, Foxhole, Shadetree, Fro Yo, Spurrier, Beacon

5kish for Joe

20 PAX arose out of the sack on a chilly Friday morning with two goals in mind 1) get some 3 F’s in and 2) hurry up to #coffeeteria. You see Friday’s are the glue here at #Stumble. In YHC’s opinion, it’s what keeps the PAX coming back even after 2 plus years of running many of the same streets. The scenery may be the same, but the #mumblechatter is always fresh.

The Conditions: Clear and 40

The Thang: From AO, R Olde Knight, R Galway, L Rockwood, R Coachmaker over Veterans and up Shelley, R Byron, L Christie, R Old Woodlands, R Olde Knight for 3.4 miles total


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