• When: 2017-08-17
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Viagra, Aquaman, Hatter, Coletrain, Senator

100 Burpees inside of a sauna

6 PAX joined me for 100 burpees in what felt like a sauna this morning.

The warmup: 10 squats IC and 5 mercans IC


The idea of this workout is to do 10 sets of 10 different types of burpees, followed by a short run.

  1. 10 one-eighty burpees rotating to the left
  2. 10 one-eight burpees rotating to the right
  3. 10 dual mercan burpees (burpee with standard mercan, then move hands together for diamond mercan, then get back to your feet)
  4. 10 plank-jack burpees (5 plank-jacks after each mercan)
  5. 10 Y-formation burpees (feet are splayed wide on the mercan)
  6. 10 wide-base burpees (when you jump up, your feet go to the outsides of your hands)
  7. 10 imperial burpees (after you get back to your feet, 3 double-count imperial walkers)
  8. 10 jump knee tuck burpees
  9. 10 SSH burpees (5 SSH each time you get to your feet)
  10. 10 super-mega burpees (10 squats, then 5 mercans on the ground, that is one).

We finished up with about 8 minutes of different ab exercises.