• When: 2018-09-01
  • QIC: Skipper
  • The PAX: Stats (Respect), Game Plan, Sacajawea (Respect), Abacus, Neon, Schrute, Crackhead (Respect) & Skipper

“Weight Room Workout” at Camden High School

Conditions: 75 degrees in the weight room w/ air conditioning and 0 humidity

Warm Up

  • Hurdles: Straight over w/ rt. Leg, Straight over w/ lt. leg, over & under, rt. Leg hops, lt. leg hops, rt. Leg & lt. leg hops
  • Abs: 10 BB sit ups, 10 crunches, 10 zeroes, 10 American Hammers
  • Jump Rope: 25 two legs, 25 rt. Leg, 25 lt. leg, 25 line jumps
  • Box Jumps: 3 different boxes, alternate w/ each box 5 jumps at a time

The Thang

The Pax will break up into groups of 3.  The 3 members of each group will be named Dog 1, Dog 2 and Dog 3. Each round will be three different rotations of each exercise.  All three exercises will be done simultaneously and then each “Dog” will rotate to the next exercise until 3 rounds have been completed. 

Round 1                                      Round 2                                  Round 3                                      Round 4

     Bench Press 3 x20                     Overhead Press 3 x 20         Curls 3 x 20                                      Squats 3 x 20

      Side Raises 3 x 20                     Front Raises 3 x 20               Bent Rows 3 x 20                             V Raises 3 x 20

      Iron Cross 3 x 10                       Flutter Kicks 3 x 20               Row Your Boats 3 x 20               Box Cutters 3×20

Water Break between rounds 2 and 3.

After completing all 4 rounds of exercises each member grabbed a medicine ball

3 x 20 of Med Ball throws against the wall twisting from rt. to lt. w/ each throw.



Interesting fact that Stats and Skipper share the same birthday of August 31st.  So yesterday, Stats turned 55 and Skipper turned 49.

Sacajawea suggested Haile Street Grille for breakfast.

Prayer Requests:

Please keep Game Plan’s father in your prayers as he is going through his second bout of throat cancer.