• When: 2018-09-13
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Skipper, Big Load, Short Circuit, FNG Caitlyn Jenner, Starburst, Harper Valley, Kiffin, Bolt (respect), Whaler (respect), Mayplant (respect), Snooki, Cornwallis, Neon, Abacus, Sacajawea (respect), Tweetsie, Crackhead (respect), Dufresne (respect), Flight Risk, Abby Wambach (respect), Hope Solo, Timber, Schrute, Tree Bark, Stats (respect), Hero, Mayhem (respect)


Conditions: 75º   94% humidity

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Please modify as needed!


SSH  x   25 IC
TTT  x   25 IC
LBAC  x  25 IC  forward then reverse
Floyd Mayweathers x 25 IC

Pax moseys to Fair/Chesnut & partners up for the Burpee Mile Partner 1 does 20 merkins while partner 2 does Burpee broad jump. When partner 1 completes 20 merkins, runs to catch up with partner 2 & switch. Rinse & repeat until pax reaches Lyttleton/Rectory.


Flutter kick Mary

Seated flutter kicks with arms in Hallelujah position x 7 IC Reclined flutter kicks with arms behind x 7 IC Regular flutter kicks x 7 IC Regular flutter kicks with LBC x 7 IC Rinse & repeat above x 6 IC Rinse & repeat above x 5 IC

Pax then lunge walk/squat (4 lunge steps, 1 squat) about halfway up Rectory.

Bear crawl rest of the way to Rectory/Fair.

Heels to Heaven x 25 IC

Pax then moseys to fountain to pick up blocks for COP


Skullcrushers x 20 IC on knees
Flutter kicks with blocks x 20 IC
Curls x 20 IC on knees
Dollys with blocks x 20 IC
Chest press x 20 IC
Box Cutters x 20 IC

Plank Routine: high plank, low plank, high plank, right arm up, 5 Rocky Balboa’s, High plank, left arm up, 5 Rocky Balboa’s, high plank, low plank Overhead Press x 20 IC on knees

Return blocks & partner up for 50 dips & 50 step ups at fountain.

Return to Shovel Flag

COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM

Pax welcomed FNG Joseph Montero (Caitlyn Jenner) Prayers to spared from the impending hurricane.

Moleskin: YHC led the pax on a rapid fire pace this morning, pushing to the limit. As usual, pax accepted the challenge & performed admirably! Always a pleasure, men!