• When: 2018-09-06
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Stats, Ratched, Skipper, Big Load, Neon, Kippen, Short Circuit, Tweetsy, Schrute, Snooki, Game Plan, Crackhead, Mayplant, Ponzi, Hero, Dufresne, Abacus, Sacagawea, Mayhem, Hope Sole, Pot Hole, Harper Valley


21 PAX showed up on this Muggy September Morn and unlike the Neil Diamond song, there was no dancing to be found, with the exception of Ratched who found himself dancing with a swarm of Ants.  Ants 1: Ratched 0.  The plan this glorious morning was to try and workout a little of everything in a way that made you want to go home and start Thursday Happy Hour early. I have to admit that a large portion of the planned workout was stolen or borrowed with permission from my good friend and #F3Camden launch friend, Stagecoach from Chapin.  It is also important to note that Stagecoach still holds the record for the most loathed guest Q with his Hairburner workout and I might add that no one else has ever tried to replicate the Weight Plate slide across asphalt or concrete since.  Hairburner 1: F3Camden 0.  Let’s keep it that way!

Conditions:  Balmy, Humid, Wet and Sticky 74

Disclaimer:  Not a professional, modify if needed, go get blocks and head to COP.

Warm Up:
Left over Right Stretch/Right over Left Stretch
Abacus Rule:  “That’s about enough of that stretching stuff”

THE THANG- PART ONE:  7 Teams of 3. (Disclaimer-We lost Ratched in the opening bout against the fire ants and thus there were only 6 teams of 3 and one team of 2 who manned up and did the routine.

5 Stations– Each team would run to various Stations with their Block, complete the max rep exercise and then return to the COP with Block to rinse and repeat the Following:

5 Burpees
10 Curls for the Girls with Blocks
15 Kettle Bell Swings with Blocks
20 LBC

Station One: 100 Reps total as a Team of Chest to Ground Merkins

Station Two:  100 Reps total as a Team of Block to Chest Slow Squats

Station Three:  100 Reps total as a Team of OH Press with Blocks

Station Four:  100 Reps total as a Team of Decline Merkins with Feet on Vertical Blocks


Station Five:  DORA on CORE-ROIDS
Each Team of 3 will perform the following as a team.  One person will run down Chestnut with 2 Blocks, 2nd Man does Defined Exercise, 3rd Man does AMRAP SSH.  When first man returns with blocks, everyone shifts clockwise and continues routine until all reps of the exercise are complete.
Exercise:  (Left and Right always equal one.  We are F3 Men for gosh darn darn)
100 Reps as a team of American Hammer
200 Reps as a team of LBC
300 Reps as a team of Flutter Kicks

Last round of COP Exercise: 5 Burpees, 10 Curls, 15 Kettle Bell and 20 LBC

Return Blocks and head to Tennis Court

CLOSE OUT:  Line up at Fence.  PAX sprint from one side to the other side.  First one to other side counts down a 10 count rest and then PAX sprints back to other side.  Rinse and repeat X 3.

Count-A-Rama:  21 Pax + Towns Redfearn our Hero, who will always be a part of this group!

BOM:  Prayers for us to be men of light and courage and to make a difference in our community, homes and families.

Moleskin:  The workout always looks much better on paper and YHC needs to work on giving better instructions to keep from having down time and confusion.  Every time YHC plans a workout, I think of Mayhem, Stats, Hope Solo, Wojo, Timber, Snooki, Skipper, Neon, etc and try and find something that incorporates all the hard crap they put me through.  As you know by now, I like team workouts and the ability for us to push each other during the workouts.  I still think back to several times when Abby or Cornwallis, or Hope said to me:  “You got this!” “Don’t quit!” “Rock out!”  We make each other better and stronger simply because we showed up.  We make each other better man, husbands, dads and sons, because we found a Band of Brothers that unlike most, get up early in the morning to Sharpen the Iron!