• When: 02/04/17
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Sinkhole, Wambach, Harper Valley, Wojo, Sakajewa, String Bean, Schrute, Big Load, Heist, Samford, Neon, Ponzi, Short Circuit, Slaughter (FNG), Minion, Timber, Snookie (FNG), Barry, Cornwallis

Q-101 at Camden…And they’re off

20, with 2 FNGs, for Q-101, and the final, weekend Launch Q, at F3 Camden. YHC was honored to be asked to Q this workout, and to drop a little knowledge on the Camden Pax, which have come out of the gates hot as they launch F3 South Carolina’s newest AO. Great group of men that are going to do F3 proud, while seriously cutting down the #SadClown population in the Midlands.Q-101 is a crash course on how to lead a F3 workout. It is instructional, but it is also a workout. It went a little something like this:DisclaimerIntroduction to Q-101Before we got things rolling, YHC took some time to really talk about what Q-101 is and why we are doing it.The Thang:Run around the park, past the Tennis Courts, circle up for COP:[During this Mosey the pax were reminded that the Q’s job is to have a plan that all the pax can do, and to keep the pax together.]Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 25, In Cadence (IC)
Imperial Walkers x 25, IC
Squats x 20 IC
Mercans x 10, IC
Russian Twists x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 25 IC[During this COP the pax were reminded on the importance of Cadence. That Cadence has to match the movement, and that each exercise has its own Cadence.]Big-Boy Sit-Ups x 20 On you own (OYO)
Hold High Plank until all pax finish
Plank Sequence (High, low, high, low, Starfish R, Starfish L, high, low)Recover[During this section the pax were reminded that some exercises do not work well when called in cadence, so do not be afraid to call a set number of reps to be performed OYO. If you do though, you need to have communicated a plan for what the faster guys should do while waiting on the six (i.e. hold High Plank, etc.).]Count off by twos. 1’s single file, 2’s single file, next to each other for double-column Indian RunIndian Run around perimeter of the park.Circle back up for some partner sets:100 Mercans (P1 does 10 while P2 holds plank; 100 total for group)
Hold High Plank until all groups finish.100 Squats (P1 does 10 while P2 holds air chair; 100 total for group)
Hold Air Chair until all groups finish100 Little Baby Crunches (LBCs) (P1 does 10 while P2 holds 6 inches 100 total for group)
Hold 6 inches until all groups finish[During this section we focused on the importance of clear instructions. You may have a great idea, but you have to be able to clearly communicate that to the pax if you want them to do it. Also, the pax were reminded on the importance of holding each other accountable, while also encouraging each other. Some great examples as each partner pushed each other to get through these reps, while still using great form.]Circle up for some Dealer’s Choice:All men who had never lead a workout stepped up and lead the group…and there were a lot of them. 5 reps each, focusing on trying to get the call right.Can’t remember all the exercises…or who called them, but it was something like this:SSHs, Mercans, SSHs, Mercans, Little Arm Circles, Squats, Mercans, Squats, Mercans, Russian Twists, Overhead Claps, Mercans, Squats, Plank Jacks. Dem Camden boys sure like their Mercans and Squats.In fact, there were so many first timers, that Dealer’s Choice took the remainder of this workout.[This situation gave a great opportunity to remind the pax that, as the Q, you have to make decisions about time management. You cannot be afraid to change your plan if it isn’t fitting the time allotted for the workout.]COTCount-O-Rama
Name-O-Rama[Duties of the Q to record the Count, the Names, and do Backblast. Also went over the need to make sure FNGs are included, and we get their contact information, which are all duties of the Q.]BOM – Hee-HawMoleskin:Polo (Thomas Anderson) has done a great job, with some help of some other pax, in organizing this launch, and YHC submits the core pax in Camden is as good as there has been at a F3 South Carolina Expansion. These guys get it, and are clearly committed to making this a success. Looking forward to seeing this group grow.Announcements:Camden was presented with their Shovel Flag at the end of this workout. #TClaps to Polo.Weekday workouts are already happening in Camden, and soon it’s just going to be these Camden guys leading.That’s all…for now

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