• When: 2021-04-01
  • QIC: Cornwallis
  • The PAX: 21 - Snookie, Skipper, Schrute, Dufresne, Ragdoll, Weed, Heisenberg, Big Load, Magellan, Hope Solo, Timber, Bolt, Neon, Sacajawea, Ponzi, Mayhem, Tweetisie, Whaler, Abby Wambach, Harper Valley, Cornwallis

Medicine Ballin’

Conditions:  Pleasant

Disclaimer Standard disclaimer.
 Intro Q was one minute late for his own workout.  PAX were asked to purchase a medicine ball to bring to the workout.  All PAX members were prepared and everyone had their ball.  Q instructs PAX to mosey to the tennis courts for the workout.
Warm Up Exercise     Reps IC or OYO
  SSH   X 20 IC
  Throught the Tunnel   X 15 IC
  Lungewalk with Medicine Ball Overhead
  Lungewalk with Medicine Ball twist
  Squat Toss   X 20 IC
  Merkin tap   X 20 OYO
  Mosey Around Block        
  Exercise     Reps IC or OYO
  BB Situps   X 20 OYO
  Ball Slam   X 20 OYO
  Throw Ball Burpee   X 10 OYO
  Medicine Ball Crunch   X 20 OYO
  Medicine Ball Russian Twist   X 20 OYO
  Squat Press   X 20 OYO
  Medicine Ball Bear Crawl        
  Flutter Kicks   X 20 IC
  Overhead Ball Toss   X 10 OYO
  Overhead Crunch   X 20 OYO
  Merkins   X 20 OYO
  Ball Slam Burpee   X 10 OYO
  Mosey Around Block with ball        
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM  
Announcements / Prayer Q makes brief comments expressing appreciation for the PAX and those who speak from the heart.  Hope Solo ask if the PAX would be willing to coordinate with Bill Nettles for a litter pick-up day.  All PAX agreed.  Pray for Whaler’s friend Michael Nadar’s family.  
Moleskin Despite yet another music mishap for the Q and ipod fastball into the fence, spotify came through with a decent playlist.  Proud of the PAX making the investment in the medicine balls.  The time seemed to fly for YHC’s first Q in many months.  Way to push Men!  Long live F3 Camden!

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