• When: 2018-04-12
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Skipper, Hope Solo, Bolt, Wojo, Harper Valley, Cornwallis, Schrute, Magellan, Abacus, Sacajaweah, Mayhem, Neon, Stats, Timber


 Intro  Searching for a new challenge YHC ran across this workout called B.O.M.B.S. that several Midlands AO’s have tried.  YHC noticed that the reps varied for the exercises between the different posts except ……..the 100 Burpee start.  It was tough but F3 Camden has officially completed the BOMBS workout staying true to form!  Good work men.
Warm Up Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Imperial Walker X 20 IC
Inchworm X 5 OYO
Woodchoppers(for Neon) X 15 IC
Slow Squats X 20 IC
The Thang    
Indian Run to bus circle and partner up for BOMBS
Partner A runs a lap Partner B exercise flip flp until finished
Burpees B 100
Overhead Clap O 150
Merkins M 150
Big Boy Situps B 100
Squats S 150
(run extra laps while waiting )
Sprint back to AO stopping at 10 light poles for Mary  
First pole…. 2 Flutter Kicks IC Second pole…. 4 Flutter Kicks IC….Third Pole …
6 Flutter Kicks etc. counting up by 2’s all the way to 20 Flutters at the tenth pole for a total of 110 (well 109)
(lost one along the way)
Partner at fountain for Dips
Partner A dips while Partner B bear crawls around 1/4 perimiter of fountain 150 reps flip flp until finished
Run Back to Picnic Table at the Shovel Flag
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM
Announcements Clinic Classic April 28th 7:30 AM, Barry’s family lost their dog so be thinking about them.
Moleskin An honor to lead