• When: 2017-11-02
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Big Load, Bolt (respect), Hope Solo, Neon, Stats (respect), Abby Wambach (respect), Timber, Cornwallis, Dufresne, Skidder, Weed, Mayplant (respect), Ponzi, Mayhem (respect), Sacagawea (respect), Sinkhole, Schrute, Flight Risk, Happy Gilmore, Harper Valley


On a cool 58 degree November morning, 20 men came out to complete, unbeknownst to them, the 1000 Rep Challenge.  Like any other @F3Camden gathering, the PAX slowly meandered to the meeting area, with the exception of one.  YHC stayed back, protected by the darkness of the hedges so that the group would not notice he was without shoes.  Skidder, with uncontrollable laughter, had already made plans with Defresne to provide cover and YHC is much obliged for their quick work to make sure the Q was not Shoeless.   YHC, a normal 9 enjoyed the 10.5 shoe and it may have given him the extra push to lead the challenge at hand.

DISCLAIMER:  Out of Transparency, Q announced to PAX his gratitude to Skidder and Dufresne for keeping him from being shoeless.  It was a great way to segway that YHC was not a professional and should never be viewed as one.

WARMUP:  Mosy to Block Retainer and then Mosy to COP. (Yep, that was the warmup.  Nothing Else was needed)


In order to complete the entire routine, PAX would take one full lap around park after round one and then a lap around the water fountain after round three.


20 reps of Each

Chest Squats w/ Block
Chest Press w/ Block
Flutter Kick  (l/r=1)

Kettle bell w/ Block
American Hammer (l/r=1)
Lunges  (l/r=1)
Arm Curl w/ Block
O/H Shoulder press w/ Block

Blocks were returned and PAX returned to COP for Announcements.

BOM:  Closing Prayer

Moleskin:  I am always amazed at how we continually push each other to be better men!  One of the greatest compliments I can give and receive is, “great workout Q, that one was hard!”  It means that we took the challenge and even when hurting pushed through to conquer the workout.  When most are in still in the fart-sack, we make a decision to leave the comforts of home and come out in the dark of wee early morning to Sharpen as Iron Sharpens Iron! Prov 27:17