• When: 2019-12-10
  • QIC: Voltron/7-11
  • The PAX: Mud Flap, Voltron (R), Cool Corner, Recall, Cyclops, Notebook, Forrest, Utah (R), Rehab (R), Rug Burn (R), Head Gear, Pot Luck, Floppy Disk, Jack Hammer, Fish Wrap, Nail Pop, 7-11

Voltron/7-11 co-Q of Pain

The YHC was impressed that his co-Q pitched through the pain of twisting his ankle on Monday at Crusade (Tclaps to Voltron).  This was the first time I co-Q’ed and really enjoyed the change up in the workout, definitely need to look to have more co-Q’s – feeling a Headgear/Notebook pain party.  Strong work men!

Conditions: Clear, cool (60 degrees) – GREAT WEATHER,GOD IS GOOD!
Disclaimer, Prayer

Co-Q with Voltron
The Thang:
Voltron’s Half:
LBAC x 12 IC – Forward & Reverse
Overhead Claps x 12 IC Between the LBAC Forward and Reverse
Merkins X 10 IC
Imperial Walker X 19 IC
Merkins X 12 on my count
TTT x 20 IC

Ring of Fire – Circle Up in Plank Position
Each PAX does 5 Merkins in turn
Shoulder Taps x 20 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Squats – air chair for pax, each pax does 5 squats in turn
Iron Cross X 20 OYO
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
Box Cutters x 10 IC
American Hammer/BBSU combo x 10 OYO

7-11’s Half
Warm-up (1st group only)
1 warm-up lap
SSH – Icx15
LBAC Forward – ICX10
“ “ Reverse – ICX10
Stationary 11’s drill – BBS + CAROLINA DRY DOCKS
Frisbee toss –
**Land Frisbee in Box than Dealers choice of exercise, land outside of box**
Exercise 1 – 15 Iron Cross – Bear Crawl to column/light post then RUN back
Exercise 2 – 20 Jump Squat – Lunge to column/light post the RUN back – 20 Iron Cross
Exercise 3 – 25 merkins – Run Backwards the RUN back
Exercise 4 – 40 Shoulder Taps – 1 burpee at every other line in sidewalk
PAX with successful Frisbee toss
⦁ Forrest
⦁ MudFlap
⦁ Cool Corner
⦁ Rehab
⦁ RugBurn
⦁ Headgear


⦁ Christmas Party 12/4
⦁ Salvation Army Ring the Bell
⦁ Tclaps to Fish Wrap for leading Family Helping Families ($935)

Prayer Requests:

Dawn Merk (Cancer) – Recall
MudFlap’s Brother (Cancer)

Devo: The Difference Between Hope and Optimisim – Hope sustains and has endurance through life where optimism can waver and can be limited