• When: 2018-11-26
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Special K, Wham, Toy, Grillz, Hugo, High Stick, Katniss,

Turncoat’s tri’s,bi’s and thigh’s block party

  • When: 11/26/18
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Special K, Wham, Toy, Grillz, Hugo, High Stick, Katniss, Quaker Opened with the Disclaimer then onto exercises
  • 10 PAX arrived full of turkey at The Castle at 5:30 a.m. on a beautiful (if pine straw laden) 51 degree a.m.

Warm up


  1. Side straddle hop (20 in cadence)
  2. Through the tunnel (10 in cadence)
  3. Frankensteins (10 in cadence)
  4. Downward dog stretch
  5. Quad stretch
  6. Little baby arm circles (10 in cadence front and 10 in cadence reverse)
  7. Overhead clap (10 in cadence)Phase 2The innovative Q came up with a completely new exercise routine using blocks. This novel routine was no doubt appreciated by all in attendance (even if they didn’t say it out loud). We did a Dora with 100, 200 and 300 reps of merkins, dips, and squats respectively. The novelty was in the use of 2 blocks for each team spread out shoulder width apart. This created a decline merkin (even better than the perfect pushup). This also enhanced the dips. The squats were done standing on the 2 blocks, holding a block (making for a deep stretch).Phase 3Curls with blocks (26 in cadence)Floyd Mayweathers (20 in cadence)Phase 4Walked to the bottom of the hill.  Then …And the grand finale
  8. Closing Prayer: followed by silent appreciation for this innovative workout. It was definitely communicated nonverbally…anybody could have seen it if they just looked hard enough.
  9. Announcements: Christmas party at the Castle clubhouse on December 14th, sign up for pot luck to come, spouses invited. McLovin is next on Q in potentially subfreezing temperatures.
  10. Wave of Merkins (1 in cadence)
  11. Floyd Mayweathers (20 in cadence)
  12. Back to the AOQ to put away the blocks.
  13. Phase 5
  14. We then ran up the hill and down 4 times. In that time we did 40 diamond merkins and 40 wide arm merkins. PAX were given complete freedom to choose where and when they did their reps. The Q is certain they must have appreciated this.
  15. Overhead press with blocks (20 in cadence)