• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Peachy, Hops, Bull, Brick

Tomahawk BB 07.25.19

One Minute Warning:



The weather: Mid 60’s and Nice.

 Had a little smaller than normal crowd today with Grout and Chum Lee Co-Q’ing over at Smokehouse, but the 4 Pax that made it out, came ready work and gave great effort!

 Mosey-1 big lap around parking lot.

 Light Pole Sprints (about 50 yds apart):

Run to light pole 2 and perform 10 burpees

Run back to light pole 1 and perform 10 star jumps.

Rinse and Repeat descending 2 reps each sprint.


(Total 28 burpees,  28 star jumps, 8-50 yd sprints)

Mosey to block pile in the back of the school for Four Corners:

4 cones were set up about 30 yards away from each other in a square configuration

Perform 5 reps of each called exercise at each cone (20 reps per round).

Oh, and we are overhead carrying your block between each station/cone.

Round 1: Block Merkins

Round 2: Block Merkins + Shoulder Taps

(Before starting round 3 LBC’s IC X 15)

Round 3 Block Merkins + Shoulder Taps + Carolina Dry Docks

(Shoulders are on fire at this point! LBC’s X 15IC, Flutter Kicks X 15IC)

Round 4 Block Merkins + Shoulder Taps + Carolina Dry Docks + Burpees

(total 80 merkins, 60 shoulder taps, 40 CDD, 20 Burpees)

Mosey over to basketball courts:

Running baseline to baseline we are performing 5 reps of called exercise (in increments of 5 reps at each baseline) until 40 reps at each baseline is achieved.

Baseline 1: Monkey Humpers

Base line 2 alternating jumping lunges

(Total 40 MH’s, 40 Jump lunges, and 14 sprints back and forth)

Mosey back to front parking, weaving up and down each of the left side large parking islands (about a 3-4 minute Mosey)

 Stop at the Flag to finish with some Mary

Peter parkers X 15IC

Bicycle Crunches (Same arm, Same Leg) X 15 IC

Hold 1 Minute Plank

In and Out’s X 15 IC

Iron Crosses X 15 OYO



  • Goat Hill Gauntlet Next week.
  • F3 Cola doing a Decathlon on Sat


  • Our country. “Father with so much anger and disagreement in our country right now we pray and are thankful that you continue to keep your mighty hand on our country and that your perfect will is being accomplished”.
  • Injured Pax.