• When: 2019-11-11
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Hoist, Iron Mary (R), Scooper, Soaker, Pickle, Dominion, Cheers

The Bounty Tribute to our Veterans

YHC had a great weekend. He got to spend time with his family, especially his kids and nephew, and saw App State beat the Gamecocks in a true nail biter of a game. To say that he’s proud of the Mountaineers, and his daughters and nephew, is an understatement.

Putting things in perspective is a hard thing to do when you are on the inside looking out of a situation. YHC has thought about what is really important in his life over the last few years and this has brought a different perspective. Having a family that he loves dearly, he also has thought a lot about their safety and the world he is bringing his two daughters up into currently. As proud as he is of his Mountaineers, at the end of the day, it’s just a game. How important will it really be six months from now that they won this weekend? His children’s safety will be important 50 years from now.

This is why I have always admired our soldiers and veterans. They are willing to put their lives on the line, and 99% of them don’t even know who I am. They want us to keep our freedoms so much that they are willing to die for it if it will help keep them. That is saying something. So, as proud of my daughters as I am, I am just as proud of the people who want to keep them safe and their freedoms. As proud of the Mountaineers as I am, it doesn’t hold a candle to the pride I have for our veterans.

Today’s workout was dedicated to our soldiers past and present. YHC asked each PAX to dedicate this workout to someone they knew, a family member, a friend, or just any veteran they could think of. For without them, our freedom, our families, F3, and most other things we take for granted, would not be possible.

God bless you and keep you all.

Here’s how it went today:

Conditions: Clear, low 40’s


Mosey to Lowe’s parking lot:

Halfsies in Parking Lot
Line up at first parking lot row
* 5k speed run to first light pole (halfway to end, then mosey the rest of the way)
* Rinse and repeat at second row
* Half speed run to first light pole (halfway to end, then mosey the rest of the way) at third row
* Rinse and repeat at fourth row
* Full speed run to first light pole (halfway to end, then mosey the rest of the way) at 6th row
* Rinse and repeat at 7th row
* Full sprint all the way to end on last row

Mosey to bottom of Lowe’s Hill
At bottom:
* 5k speed halfway to top of hill then mosey the rest
* 5k speed halfway to bottom, then mosey the rest
* 3/4 speed halfway to top of hill, then mosey the rest
* 3/4 speed to bottom, then mosey the rest
* Full speed to top

Recover walk/mosey to stairs at High School:

In honor of the App State victory against the Gamecocks this weekend (Final score: App 20 Gamecocks 15):
* Up and down stairs (up and down is one cycle) for 5 cycles; rinse and repeat 4x for 20 total cycles
* Run Tom Cat (stair portion only) up (equals 1 time) and down (equals 1 time) for a total of 15 times, return to starting point

Recover walk to track

100’s at track:
Run 100m at 5k speed then run backwards to start

Rinse and repeat x 3

Recover walk back to virtual flag

Total distance: ~5k

Below are the Veterans that each PAX dedicated this workout to:

Hoist: Col John Wilson
Iron Mary: MD Shuler (pilot in D-Day)
Scooper: Major Tony Morrison
Soaker: Sgt Charles Barrett
Pickle: Sr Chief Charles Gibson
Dominion: PFC Homer Andrews
Cheers: PFC Harold H Roberts

* 11/16: Cheech 10K
* 12/14: Christmas party
* January is the Harbison 50k
* 2/15: Dam to Dam
* 3/23: P200

* Light Bill, from Lake Murray, and his daughter and friends who were in an accident and still in the hospital
* Unspoken