• When: 2020-03-09
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Eggo, Rumble Strip, Paper Jam, Dewey, Squatter, MacGruber, Boo Boo

Stride 3/9/20

Hopped on the Q sheet for Stride a while back because what better way to celebrate your birthday than with these dudes! Drew up a really dumb route.  I think it scared some people away but seven brave souls put in some work and got better.  Here’s the route:

  • *Iron Mary Go Round*
  • Head S on Hwy 6
  • R on Roberts
  • R on S Church
  • *Small loop around LES*
  • R on Dreher
  • R on Harmon
  • R on Azalea
  • *Medium loop around LES*
  • R on Hwy 6
  • R on Dreher
  • R on Harmon
  • R on School Dr Stay to right, in between parking lot and school (follow the speedbumps)
  • *Big loop around LES*
  • R on 6 R on Dreher
  • R on Harmon
  • R on Corley
  • *Loop back around to Butler*
  • R on 6
  • R on Dreher
  • R on Harmon
  • R on E Butler
  • L on Efird
  • Back to the flag

LES Hills Route

It looks crazy but it’s easily thought of as an Iron Mary Go Round start, three progressively larger loops around Lexington Elementary School, and then a trip up Mt. Butler, and back to the flag.


  • P200 – some spots still open
  • Ville to Ville – some spots still open
  • SAFE Week coming up
  • F3 Lexington Gauntlet coming up

Prayer Requests

  • Squatter’s brother in law
  • Dear Diary and family


  • Wanted a challenging route and got it – 9 feet shy of 600 feet of elevation.  8 hills by my count
  • Good times running with Eggo
  • Took my first trip up Mt. Butler today, why? Just why?

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