• When: 2017-12-05
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect), Steamer, TriDelta, Kukoc, AWOL, Sauerkraut, Harp, 6ft Under, Chinstrap, Kazoo, Tonka, Emmy

Mosey Around Campus Beatdown @ the Snakepit

Weather: 45

Disclaimer & Prayer

YHC had planned on using the stairs this morning, however the last 2 Q’s at the Snakepit had been all about the stairs…so we took a little stroll around campus in the gloom this morning.

Mosey over the the Oasis for the COP.
IW 15 IC
LBAC 10 F/10 R IC
Merkins 10 IC
American Hammers 20 IC

Mosey around to the front of the school and partner up.
P1 Step up R Leg, Step up L Leg, Squat x10
P2 Peoples Chair on a column
R&R x2 – Hold Peoples Chair on the Six

P1 10 Merkins
P2 10 Dips (alternating turns)
R&R for 9, 8 & 7 Reps.

Mosey around to covered walk and line up along the columns. Balls to the Walls, while 2 pax bear crawl to the end of the line. When the bear crawling Pax passes you, begin your bear crawl…R&R until entire group has reached the end of the walk way.

Mosey around to the steps at the top of the band field for 7’s.
1 Burpee at the Top of the Steps
6 2 Count Flutter Kicks at the Bottom
R&R until you get to 6 Burpees and 1 2 Count Flutter Kick

Mosey to the basketball court and circle up for the Merkin Ring of Fire.
2 Merkins, hold plank while the rest of the Pax takes turns performing the merkins.
R&R for 4 & 6 reps.

Mosey to the Shovel Flag for COT.

Count O Rama & Name O Rama

Announcements – F3/FiA Christmas Party 12/15, Snakepit Pax Collect $550 for FHF. Thanks to all that donated and Chinstrap’s M for shopping and wrapping for us. Q sheet needs some love to finish out the year and kick of January.

Prayer Requests – Several Pax have family members dealing with Cancer and treatments at this time (Harp, 6Ft, Tonka & Emmy), Praise for Emmy’s brother inlaw & sister inlaw (have been fostering to adopt 2 girls for almost 2 years through DSS) got TPR for kids biological parents and are 1 step closer to adoption.

Great work this morning men!