• When: 2019-05-29
  • QIC: Puck/Staypuff
  • The PAX: Any men

Jauntlet stop #5 – Rooster AMRAP (The Haynes) preblast

The Rooster AO has been an odd bird since its creation. The men who post here have run, rucked, walked, hobbled, and even cycled on occasion. Unlike many run groups we have cooked up an AMRAP called the Haynes.  The men who post for Jaunlet stop #5 will get an all you can eat helping of our favorite 1 mile loop.  The Haynes consists of 1 lap around the AO and a trip to the end of Long Terrace back.  Around the park there will be agility obstacles and the course include one little climb.

-Start at the flag run counter clockwise around the park.
-Take the right and cross Bernard St, onto Long Terrace
-Run all the way to the end of Long Terrace to Crosson St and turn around and run back up the hill to the park
-Cross Bernard St and take a right back onto the park side walk
-Proceed to the running ladder
-At the next corner on the side walk, karaoke facing away from the park to the slight bend in the side walk and then turn and karaoke facing into the park to the next corner (Boy Scout Hut)
-Back pedal to the to the the picnic area
-At the next intersection in the side walk high knee run to the balance beam
-Continue to run around the park until you are back at the flag to completing one lap.

Rinse and repeat until 5:40 and make your way back to the flag