• When: 2018-04-19
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Half Empty, Honey Boo Boo, Slumlord, Cooter, Stalker, Irrev

Hollow shouldered the load

Seven pax showed up this morning even though many have battled the gauntlet this week.   I thought I would give them a break and attack a muscle group that is largely forgotten in the gauntlet.   Therefore we hit the shoulders hard today

Conditions: 65 degrees and nice.   Can this stay around a while?

The thang:

Disclaimer and mosey around the parking lot to the block pile. Mosey to the courtyard for COP.

SSH IC x 20
Through the tunnel IC x 20

Workout was designed around reducing the weight on a body part exercise to fatigue it close to exhaustion.  Today that body part was the deltoids.

Round 1 – Carolina Dry Docks x 20
Mosey around the breezeway and back.   Plank waiting on the six

Round 2 – Add Overhead Block Press x 20 to round 1.

Round 3 – Add Block high pulls x 20 to round 2.

Round 4 – Add overhead claps x 20 to round 3.

Round 5 – Add forward LBAC x 20 to round 4.

Round 6 – Add reverse LBAC x 20 to round 5.

Round 7 – Add cherry pickers x 20 to round 6.

I could not think of any other shoulder exercises and we had time left so we moved to abs.

Round 1 – Big boy sit-ups x 20
Mosey around the breezeway and back. Plank waiting on the six

Round 2 – Add American hammers x 20 to round 1.

Round 3 – Add Freddie Mercury x 20 to round 2.

Grab your block and carry it with you back to the block pile.  We had 2 minutes left so we finished with 60 LBCs.

Mosey back to the flag


Gauntlet – Reaper Friday
F3 3rdF 5k
Mudrun – May 19

-two tenants of Slumlord & I have a friend whose brother just committed suicide

Thanks for the Pax who showed up this morning.   I really wanted some bricks where I could add lateral raises, front raised, and rear raises to the shoulder workout.  However I am not sure we could complete those extra three exercises.  Maybe next time?