• When: 2017-12-05
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: Blow Out, Billy Bob, Boo Boo, Collar, Chop Shop, Garnish, Pinkman, Luke Porter (FNG), RA

Heavy Things at Hammer

9 Pax emerged from the fartsack at #Hammer looking for an opportunity to #getbetter. YHC recently signed up for the Midlands GrowRuck event in January so the plan was to get comfortable carry heavy objects for 45 minutes. Hammer Blocks never disappoint.

Conditions: 47 degrees and clear, perfect weather to get after the workout

The Thang:

Start with the disclaimer as there was an FNG present

Immediately head into the woods to retrieve #Hammer blocks and circle up for

Squats x 10 IC

Curls x 10 IC

Upright Rows x 10 IC

Overhead Press x 10 OYO

Bent Rows x 10 IC

Put your block on your shoulder and fast walk down to the 2nd entrance of the Bus Loop where today’s circuit was explained.

25 Squats at beginning of bus loop

Curl your block while walking to 1st cross walk

25 Upright Rows at 1st cross walk

Overhead Press your block while walking to 2nd cross walk

25 Bent rows at 2nd cross walk

Lunge walk your block to the end of bus loop

25 Big Boy sit ups at end of bus loop

Leave your block and sprint to Briarfield (.12 miles)

10 burpees at Briarfield, sprint back (.12 miles)

Retreive block and fast walk back to 2nd entrance of bus loop

Rinse & repeat reducing by 5 each circuit

All pax got 3 circuits in, Collar and Pinkman got most of the 4th circuit in.

Fast walk to Return blocks and return to COT



  • December 14 Holiday Party at King’s Grant, bring food, bring booze, bring your M
  • Sign-ups for GrowRuck January 26-27 are still open, come join Billy Bob and YHC
  • Long Run 2/4/18
  • Scramble P200 team still taking any pax who might want in


  • With an FNG present, YHC found it prudent to start with a COP to introduce the pax to the exercises we would be performing in the circuit. Original plan was to work the circuit all the way down to 5 but the initial COP was more important. Q’s need to remember to keep the pax present in mind as they call out their exercises and explain proper technique when necessary
  • Hammer was happy to host Luke Porter, local cartographer for the Forestry Commission here in town. Possible nicknames included Schiano, O’Leary but we landed on TomTom as an obvious cartography reference.