• When: 2017-12-05
  • QIC: Plan B
  • The PAX: Knot, Skunky, Slate, A1A, Shakespeare, Smithers, Tory, Uncle Rico, Meter Maid, Brother Si, Perdue, Magoo, Bellhop, The Don, Lap Dog, Spano, Queenie, Depends, El Guapo, Gerrymander, Neck Brace, Plan B

Here’s to the #HIMs of Lake Murray…

This morning 22 of Lake Murray’s finest answered the call (literally) and made their way over to Foxhole to help celebrate Plan B’s 4th F3versary.  I reached out to a bunch of my contacts on Twitter and sent quite a few texts in hopes of rallying the troops for a big day.  When I saw so many positive replies and over 20 men show up this morning, it really made me happy.

Obviously a lot can be said about all that F3 has to offer in the way of fitness, but the two things that have stuck in my mind the most over the last few years are the fellowship and faith aspects.  It’s fun to come out and do some work a few times each week, but it’s been even better getting to know so many great guys and growing together in our faith.

Everyone I’ve encountered with F3, no matter the AO, has left some sort of impression on me…. Mostly good.  We talk a lot about guys being a “HIM” (High Impact Man), but truth be told, we are all high impact men.  We all leave a mark on other people whether we are aware of it or not.  It reminds me of one of the greatest movies of all time, It’s a Wonderful Life, when Clarence says to George Bailey “Strange isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives.  When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”  Everyone makes an impact on everyone else.  You have all made an impact on my life either through F3 or outside of it.  Either way, I’m not ashamed to say I’m proud to know you and I admire you.  Here are the pax who answered my call and a little glimpse at some of the ways you’ve each left a mark on me, whether you knew it or not:

Knot – James went to battle for me… Literally.  In church basketball in the late 90’s when he tried to single handedly take out Shandon’s roster during a little “brush up” in the Methodist Tournament. He’s as loyal as an old golden retriever.

Skunky – Skunky’s work with growing the SpeedForNeed group is beyond admirable.  And specifically his efforts in helping the Bugenske family.  Luke, Adam, and Kate were a huge part of my childhood and I really appreciate your work for Adam’s family.

Slate – Slate’s work on building 3rd F opportunities pushed me outside of my comfort zone to try to kick off Foxhole’s Prevo 3rd F option.  Also, I think his Basketball Q at GOAT a couple of years ago may have been my favorite ever (I’ve used it several times since).

A1A – A GOAT mainstay, A1A was on the Q the first time I posted at Depot. This dude is an encourager to the core.  Always positive and pushing you through words and actions.

Shakespeare – Soon to be the tallest (and palest) man in Asia, Shakespeare brings it every week as a Foxhole regular you can depend on.  Plus we get to play with chalk when he Qs.

Smithers – Another GOAT regular, Smithers is a man of few words while still being one of the friendliest guys I’ve met in F3.  Nonetheless, he’s a leader through and through in his actions.

Tory – I’ve never heard a negative thing come out of Tory’s mouth.  He’s always… ALWAYS positive, happy, willing, and present.  All good qualities to have.

Uncle Rico – An Irmo legend (in his own mind) that I’ve known since middle school.  He talks the talk with the best of them, but he also walks the walk.  He’s been someone I’ve looked up to for years.. And so far I’ve been able to look past the fact that he’s a Gamecock.

Meter Maid – Our AOQ and owner of the coveted “Almost Perfect Attendance” award for Foxhole, he lays it all out there for every boot camp.  But he also lays it out all on the line every day he goes into work.  Few things are more dangerous than police work, and I appreciate the hell out of his willingness to serve in that capacity. Same could be said for TNT and Enos.

Brother Si – Everyone knows him, everyone loves him.  He exudes happy, fun, and faithful.  I won’t lie, it’s always better on Tuesdays/Thursdays when Brother Si pulls up.  He’s always able to perfectly time a “that’s what she said”, and always able to put things into perspective when it’s   prayer/devo time.

Perdue – This guy leads the pack in everything we do at Foxhole. He’s like the Energizer Bunny.  His motor is always on full throttle and pushes the rest of us to catch him.

Magoo – They say variety is the spice of life.  So I guess Magoo is sort of like F3LM’s spice girl boy.  Magoo brings something different every time he leads a workout.  He may be the only guy you’ll ever meet that doesn’t land in a rut every now and then b/c he’s always trying new stuff…. Like 90-mile trail races through the Rockies with a Bison strapped to his back.

Bellhop – Bellhop is one of the most unassuming guys I’ve met in the F3 world.  He leads a workout with quiet confidence and owns any role he takes on with ease.  And his witty Tweets and Facebook posts are also pretty good.

The Don – The Don was a long-time regular face at Foxhole before meandering over to “Strut Acres” (our local F3 old folks home).  But he hasn’t forgotten his roots.  You gotta love a guy that comes back home every now and then to bring the pain.  He’s like our very own Prodigal Son coming home after squandering his inheritance.

Lap Dog – I haven’t had the pleasure to get to know Lap Dog just yet.  But I think I remember hearing he’s a GOAT newbie which says a lot.  It’s a good trait to have when you can come into an existing group and fit right in.  So welcome, glad to meet you.

Spano – Spano is a beast.  Never a lot to say (unless you get him on a tangent about rucking or how he gets off on burpees), but a leader through his actions.  No complaining, just effort and hard work until it gets done.

Queenie – Old Timer TCM Queenie shakes my hand and speaks to every pax at every workout EVERY time.  This guy goes out of his way to be hospitable and welcoming. We could all benefit from doing more of that for others.  Plus he’s a Tiger!

Depends – When he’s not hacking up half of his right lung, Depends is one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever met.  Quick story, he found out my son Banks (who was 5 at the time) loved football, mascots, and fight songs.  Next thing you know I’m getting a package from his brother (the AD at Georgia State) with all kinds of GA state shirts, stickers, scarfs, koozies, etc.  The guy has a heart of gold (but really crappy lungs).

El Guapo – I worked with Sambo for a few years a while back.  He was always on his “A game” back then, and hasn’t skipped a beat since.  He keeps everything on an even keel with a level head (and no, that’s not a dig at the Eric Montross/Ivan Drago haircut)!

Neck Brace – If there is something going on, Nick’s going to be involved.  If there is something to lead, Nick’s going to lead it.  If there is a goal out there to attain, Nick’s going to aim for it.  He’s all in, all the time.  The world needs “uber Type-A ers” like this to keep doing their thing.

Gerrymander – Glad I could pull at Gerrymander’s heartstrings enough to drag him out of bed for something other than handball.  We go way back. This guy is my best friend.  I’d trust him with my life and I know he’d do the same.  And he wins the prize for most outrageously inappropriate mumble chatter in the region.

There’s a lot of other guys that weren’t able to join us this morning for one reason or another that I want to mention… R2D2, Red Card, Butterbean, Maury, Gringo, Seacrest, Power Pole, TT, Napalm, Sandwedge, Mayhem, EZ, Stagecoach, Uno, Crash, Selfie, Socrates, Wolverine, Outhouse, MIB, Sputnik, and probably a lot more that are escaping my mind right now.  If you’re reading this and I’ve left you out, my apologies… there’s a lot of cats involved in this F3 thing.  All have been impactful and all are important to me.

“Strange isn’t it?  Each man’s life touches so many other lives…”

Keep being you.  Push to be the best you.  In one way or another, whether you know it or not, you’re touching someone else’s life.  Might be your kids, your wife, your coworkers, your acquaintances, or even the guys you spend a few hours a week working out with.  You’re leaving a mark on someone.  We impact people in everything we do.  We’re all high impact men.

Thanks for choosing to spend some time with your Foxhole brothers this morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

Here’s how it went down…


  • 47 and perfect for a beat down


Disclaimer & Warmup:

  • SSH x 12
  • TTT x 12
  • Imperial Walker x 12
  • Windmill x 12
  • Get 2 bricks
  • Mosey to big stairs by baseball field

Happy Spin-aversary:

  • In honor of this dude’s 4 years with F3, we have 16 exercises that will focus on the four elements of a good Foxhole beat down… Arms, Legs, Core, and Cardio.
  • Each pax will spin the wheel (spaces numbered 1-16)
  • All pax will do the exercise that matches the number (listed below)
  • We will not repeat any exercises, but we will get through all 16


  1. Merkins x 48
  2. Triceps Extensions x 48
  3. Overhead press x 48
  4. Curls x 48

       LOWER BODY:

  1. Ankle Touch Squats x 48 (OYO)
  2. Monkey Humpers x 48 (OYO)
  3. Backpedal crosswalk to gate and back x 4
  4. Scissor Jumps/Jump Lunges x 48 (or 4 sets of 12)


  1. Russian Twists x 48 (count right side)
  2. LBC x 48
  3. Ray Charles x 48 (count right side)
  4. BBSU x 48 (or 4 sets of 12)


  1. SSH x 48 (IC)
  2. Sprint Crosswalk to Gate (walk back) x 4
  3. Run the stairs x 4
  4. Burpees x 48

Return Bricks & To the Shovel Flag


  • Cottonmouth – See pre-blast to register.  Will start at Holy Trinity Lutheran and end at Chapin High School…. Rumor has it lunch is on Bellhop at Farm Boys afterward.
  • Kiawah Island this weekend.  Good luck to all of our runners.  Stay safe and have fun.

Prayer Requests:

  • High School classmate James Sumter (Irmo 1998) was killed in a wreck this weekend.  Leaves behind his wife and two young children.  Prayers for his family and friends as they make their way through Christmas and beyond without their husband and father.
  • Smithers’ mom is having cataract surgery.  Prayers all goes well with a speedy recovery.
  • Shakespeare traveling to China for 9 days.  Prayers for a safe and productive trip.


Luke 2:52 – “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

-Jesus was raised right.

-Joseph had done his job

Not much, if anything at all, is mentioned of Joseph from Jesus’ birth until Mary and Joseph found him at the church teaching all of the priests after getting separated from him.  However, we can connect the dots and reason that Joseph was all-in-all a stand-up guy who we should all look to as an example of the ideal father, husband, and overall leader.

Joseph was entrusted with the most precious image-bearer in all of Creation, the very Son of God. He quietly and humbly exhibited compassion, care for the helpless, faithfulness, a servant’s heart, and unconditional love. Joseph’s leadership legacy is of faithful, behind-the-scenes devotion that focused all attention on God and Jesus, and little-to-none on himself. This example of biblical leadership is Joseph’s gift to us, a gift that we can all embrace and characteristics that we would do well to emulate.

Q.M.V.O.D. (Queenie’s Mom’s Verse of the Day):

John 1: 1-5

“1 Before the world began, the Word was there. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was there with God in the beginning.Everything was made through him, and nothing was made without him.In him there was life, and that life was a light for the people of the world. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not defeated it.”