• When: 2019-11-19
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Babe, Polecat, Swayze, Puck, Wilson, Blockhead, Rabbi, Kracker, Urkel, Shankopotamus (R), Happy Trees


A great, cool, super gloomy morning is perfect for exploring the exicon a little more. YHC pulled a couple things that seemed interesting and put them into effect this morning. We gotta say there is some good stuff in there…

Conditions: super gloom!

Disclaimer, Prayer

Traveling warm up: TTT x10 IC, 4 corners around the gym for Imperial Walkers x10IC, Windmill x10IC, LBAC forward and Reverse x15IC, Merkin x10IC. Tossed some lunges an butt kicks in there somewhere.

Mosey to practice field for a little Red Barchetta(slightly modified): sprint 100 yards, wait on the six, perform 100 SSH (we did 50 4 count IC). Mosey back to start, wait on six, plank, sprint to 75 yard line on Q call and do 75 two count Mountain Climbers. Mosey back to start, wait for six, plank, sprint to 50 yard line on Q call, 50 LBC’s(25 4 count IC). Mpsey back to start, waitfor six, plank, sprint to 25 yard line, 25 Merkins OYO, mosey to start, wait for six, plank.

Mosey to curb in front of flag for some Dominoes. Pax line up in high plank position with hand on the curb. Right arm up, starting at the end the first PAX returns to high plank and does 5 Merkins, after he is finished he stays in high plank and the next PAX lowers right arm and performs 5 merkins….so forth and so on until the end. Rinse and repeat the opposite direction with left arm up.

Mosey to a weird location in the parking lot. This is called Lazy Dora’s…stupid lazy Dora’s. Pax partner up. 1 PAX holds a high plank while the other PAX does 10 Merkins, then Switch until each PAX does 50 for a partner total of 100. Next, 1 PAX holds 6 inches on their six while the other PAX does 20 BBS, switch and keep going until Partners reach 200. Next, hold Al Gore(or peoples chair) while the other PAX does 30 squats. Switch until you reach 300….we didn’t make the whole squat round due to time.

Mosey to flag.

Count O Rama, Name O Rama

Prayer Request: Chad Arant, Ramage family, Eddie Dority, Wino

Announcements: Xmas Party 6pm Dec.13, Puffy’s Palace.