• When: 2019-01-03
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Tongue and Groove, Pole Cat, Nub, Rabbi, Belding, Cootie, Pullout, and Babe

First Post of 2019 at Smokehouse

YHC couldn’t sleep last night. The time on the alarm clock was reading 3:55 and YHC just decided to get up and go to smokehouse to see if anyone was running stride lite. No stride liters, so YHC took some time to stretch and think about what his Q was going to be. All that was known was that the Pax had spent the last month eating, drinking and being merry and they needed to sweat to burn off a couple pieces of pie.

Time was called

Disclaimer, Prayer

Mosey over to corner of the parking lot

10 LBAC IC forward and backward

10 over head claps IC

Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot

10 Imperial walkers IC

Mosey a few rows over at the bottom of the parking lot


Mosey back up to the top of the parking lot

20 Mountain climbers IC

Mosey up to the tack and practice field

Line up on the side line of the field

10 Bobby Hurley OYO then sprint to the opposite side of the field then back pedal back

20 Squats OYO then sprint to the opposite side of the field and then back pedal back

All the Pax line up on the curve around the track for an indian run like exercise

The pax, in a high plank position shuffle to the right around the curve on the track. While the pax shuffle, the last pax runs to the front of the line.

The pax then mosey over the hill for a modified Dora: 50 Hydraulics, 100 Flutter kicks (2count), 150 hip touches

While the 1 pax is doing the exercise the other Burnie Sanders (run backwards) up the hill and runs back down

The pax then line up on the track and for an for real indian sprint

Once back at the hill the pax lined up on the curb and repeated the side shuffle indian run from earlier in the other direction.

9 bottle of beer on the wall

The pax run down to the bricks and grab 9 bricks. The pax line up on the goal line with all the bricks to the right of the first man.  The first pax takes one brick and does a merkin with the brick his right hand and then another merkin with the same brick in his left hand.  Then he passes it down to the next pax and takes a new brick repeats the merkins and then passes it to the next pax again. This continues until all the bricks on the other side

10 Bobby Hurley OYO sprint to mid field and back pedal back

10 Bobby Hurley OYO karaoke to mid field and karaoke back

Repeat 9 bottles of beer on the wall in the other direction.

Put up the bricks and mosey back to the flag.


Announcements: Rabbi is going to lead a 3rd F post every other Monday starting on the 19th

Prayer requests: Doodle and SK, Aflac from Saluda broke his arm at a post, Babe’s 2.0 broke leg, Young child suffering from seizures

Ball of Man


Your suffering is not Gods will for your life. God’s will for your life was for you to be happy, healthy, and living in communion with him in the Garden of Eden. Original sin, the fall, and man’s free will are the cause is most of our suffering.  Jesus himself said “may your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.  Meaning that Gods will is done in heaven but it may not be done here on earth.  The existence of suffering is not the absence of God’s love for us. God himself loved us so much that he chose to leave Heaven and because a man where he suffered and died a sinners death to restore our relationship with him.