• When: 2019-01-03
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Levar, Kitty, Fountainhead, Sheets, Krusty, Prom, Strom, Polo, Kilt, Billy Bob

The power of modifying via the Knuckles Only Workout.

10 PAX, some suffering from severe sugar withdrawal, appeared in the Swamp Fox Gloom ready to dominate a new year. What followed was a demonstration of the power of Modifying as experienced through the Knuckles Only Workout.

Conditions: 58 degrees and damp.

The Thang:

20 Burpee Warmup (crowdpleaser)

Get a lap around the parking lot and head to the brickpile. Grab 2 bricks and 1 block each and head to grass.


COP – At this point the PAX were instructed they could not use their fingers at any point during the workout.

Knerkins x 15 IC
BBS w/feet in blocks x 15 IC
*Below exercises were done holding bricks
Front arm raises x 10 IC
Press x 15 IC
Curls x 20 IC
Squats x 15 IC
Russian Twists x 15 IC
Partner Circuit: Partner 1 performs exercises while Partner 2 runs a lap around parking lot holding bricks.
Thrusters w/block x100
Block Decline Knerkins x 200
BBS w/block x 300
Return Bricks and Blocks then AYG to COT.
Prayer by YHC
  • Fountainhead made announcement about The #SugarScramble Fuel Challenge. The point being to disrupt the way your body clings to sugar by pulling the extra out of your diet.  The challenge is a 6 week deal, tomorrow January 2nd through February 13th , allowing Valentines day to be the bookend. Contact F’Head if interested in participating.
  • Prayed for Michelle and M and Robber had to put down his dog this morning.
  • Safety is the Standard. Recite Disclaimer before every workout. All bootcamp PAX are encouraged to wear a PT belt during workouts. Buy 2 and keep one in your car for the guy who shows up with out one. If the Q takes you out of the AO, adhere to safe running standards. Expect that any cars will not see you. Hold each other accountable to the Standard.


  • Though it may cross the minds of the PAX who’ve participated in this workout, the purpose of the Knuckles Only Workout was not designed to put PAX through “a workout in YHC’s shoes.” Well, maybe it is a little bit. The real reason is to demonstrate that when you are confronted with life’s challenges, you may be put in a situation that doesn’t allow you to do things the way you normally would. Sometimes you have to modify; uncomfortably. But, despite the unpleasantness and desire to go back to the way you would normally do something, (such as grasping a brick in each hand instead of frying your chest by pushing the bricks together with your knuckles) you can accomplish a lot by modifying and hopefully learn that there is always a way to get it done. No matter what the circumstances are. Everyone finished the workout this morning. Everyone got their reps in. Everyone got better and took one giant step towards Dominating Life. T-Claps men!


  • It was great having double digit numbers at Swamp Fox. In YHC’s opinion, it’s the best AO location we have in F3 Columbia. If you’ve never posted here, make a point of doing so in 2019. SF PAX get after it and are a great group to workout with. Let’s see double digit numbers become the norm here again. AYE!