• When: 2018-08-30
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Nature Boy (R), Bulldog, Toe Ring, Tumbler, House (R), Postal, Mia, Hopper (R), Whisper, Hostel, Tardy, Cream Cheese, Spackle, McGriddle, Wingback, Rumble Strip, Boo Boo


Inspired by the recent activity behind Coach Aaron Feld of University of Oregon athletics and his #fillthesleeves campaign, it was time to teach the PAX how to fill the sleeves.  That, and I had switched Q spots with Bulldog so I had a duty to fulfill.  That being said, here’s what we did.

Weather: warm. humid. sticky. will it ever end

Disclaimer, BOM, Prayer

Warm up

20 SSH

20 TTT

Mosey to block pile, grab a concrete masonry unit of your choice, and head to the track.

5 rounds of the following:

20 slow mo curls for the girls IC

10 overhead press OYO

Sprint across field and jog back

Grab blocks, head up to covered breezeway in front of school

5 rounds of the following:

20 dips on the benches OYO

10 skullcrushers IC

Shortest lap possible around parking lot

Return blocks (optional – curls for the girls while you walk)

Great work by all those in attendance, we definitely made some progress on filling our sleeves.  Bulldog will have to put in extra work to fill his long sleeves.


Thanks for a great #Augvergence, men of GY and DET.  Fun times had by all.

9/13/18 – First night of monthly Detention 2nd F dinner, location TBD

9/15/18 – Splash and Dash at Saluda Shoals Park (Boo Boo for details)

9/25/18 – last person to arrive is Q at DET

9/27/18 – Rocking Chair 60th birthday Q at Crypt, DET will converge there

October – Bulldog is planning an F3 golf outing

12/1/18 – The Wildcat

12/18 – Christmas party


#Augvergence was a ton of fun, I know Spackle really enjoys DET

Tardy with a solid sweat angel on the concrete this morning with his F3 LEX shirt

6 for Stridelite, solid crowd.  T-claps to Postal for signing up for BRR and to Rumble Strip for his elder wisdom and advice on running the BRR

If you give fist bumps during name-o-rama, watch out for Nate Norman 32 Postal, you can hear his fist bump in my recording.  Fist emoji, explosion emoji, fist emoji



“The soul of the lazy man desires and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich”‪ – Proverbs 13:4‬

“He who is slothful in his work is a brother to him who is a great waster‪” – Proverbs 18:9‬

“A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing”‪ – Proverbs 20:4‬

‪Don’t get lazy, not just at work/workouts, but in social life, family life, spiritual life, etc.‬  Put in the effort in all areas.