• When: 2019-04-18
  • QIC: Cabana Boy
  • The PAX: McNugget, Collar, Booboo, Pinkman, Detour, Deville, Wally, Zima

Alphabet Soup

Name of the boot camp is Alphabet Soup

Every workout title corresponds with a letter of the alphabet.  Most exercises were completed with a cinder block.  The exercises were completed AMRAP for 1 min and had a small rest of 5-15 sec between each.

A- American Hammers with block

B- Blockees (Burpees with the block)

C- Curls with the block

D- Dead Lifts

E- Elbows back (rows)

F- Flutter Kicks

G- Glute ham developers eccentric

H- Hydrants (30 sec each directions each leg)

I- Imperial Walkers

J- Jumping Jacks

K- Kettlebell Swings

L- Lunges

M- merkins

N- Nipple presses (similar to nipple scrappers, but chest press using block)

O- Over head press

P- Plank

Q- Quick feet

R- Raise the Roofs

S- Squats

T- triceps extensions

U- Uncle Rico’s – standing partner trunk twist, passing block between partner (clockwise and counterclockwise)

V-Vacuums Stationary

W- Werkins

X- X-factor

Y- Yurpees

Z- Zebra Butt Kicks

The workout was far more difficult than expected and transitioning was a little confusing.  We ran out of time and only go through W.  I think I would shorten the exercise time to 45 sec and use 15 sec to demonstrate/ get in position/ recover.  Overall it was very fun though, because we were all in very close proximity which made it easy to laugh and make jokes when exercises were funny.