• When: 2019-08-20
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Rec, APR, Escobar, Wee Wee, Abner, Rosie, Butt Dial, Dominion, Bogie, Twerk, MacGruber, Pole Dance, FNG – Cur Aide

MacGruber’s Revenge

Today the men of Surge, hopefully, got their moneys worth from the workout. If you feel cheated – please see Abner or Rec for a refund. It’s always good to Q at Surge because I never have to worry about effort. This group is full of a bunch of country strong dudes.

Conditions: The weather was weathery with light sprinkles of moisture

Stride Lite – Today’s participants were Rec, Wee Wee, Dominion, Twerk, MacGruber and Escobar – Escobar started early to get an extra mile in – That dude is going to KILL this marathon he is training for. Thanks to Wee Wee for dragging me up the hill at the end – I feel bad for those guys that have to deal with that hill every time they run SL

1 minute warning
Disclaimer – Maybe someone is a professional, but I am not.
Prayer –

I wanted to start off with the slaughter starter in honor of my neighbor Escobar but I incorporated burpees into the warm up instead. So here is what went down……
Mosey to the area near back lot next to the trashcans.
Just for Dunphy – READY READY!
TTT x 12
LBAC – Front x30 – Back x30 – overhead clap x15 – This is the second time Meter has not been present for his favorite exercise although it was a traveling Q for me so I will let it slide.
25 SSH IC followed by 2 burpees
20 SSH IC followed by 4 burpees
15 SSH IC followed by 6 burpees
10 SSH IC followed by 8 burpees
5 SSH IC followed by 10 burpees (six count on my call)
I’m not sure why but I really like SSH’s….I do. One of these days on my Q we are going to do 100 consecutively. I probably will never be asked to Q again when that happens, but it will be fun.
For some reason on the way to the blocks, Escobar called Butt Dial, Butt Pile – It was an awkward 3 seconds.
Mosey to the side parking lot where there are 9 stations (one for each column) with predetermined exercises and reps. The pax partnered up and completed the stations as a team. Once the exercise was complete the team – for their recovery – would do a lap around the parking lot. When we finished the team of MacGruber, Wee Wee and Rosie managed 2 miles of running.
The exercises were:
– Halos x30 (those sucked)
– Block LBC’s x50
– Merkins x30
– American Hammer (2 count) x30
– Overhead Press x30
– Block Swings x30
– Overhead block squats x30
– Curls for the girls x50
– Napalms x20 (those sucked)

I never saw it but there is no doubt a skunk was out there this morning because the smell and taste of that fresh spray was pretty horrible. Someone please shoot that thing.
Recover to the flag:
*Stop the swamp but the more important race is Jail Break
*Now is a great time to start training for the BRR
*Sign up for Dam2Dam
FNG – Friend of Rec – Coaches at White Knoll – Cur Aide
Prayers: Lilly – Butt Dials daughter who is dealing with issues from leg surgery
Until next time………Go Gamecocks……….MacGruber