• When: 2017-08-08
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Caboose, Matlock, Wino, Belding, Swayze, Tongue n' Groove, Devito, Wilson, Shankopotamus, Urkel, Defect, Nub, Ace, Babe, Happy Trees

Wake Me Up When August Ends

Anyone who was present knows that YHC was named for a legendary fro rockin’ artist and public television hero with which he shares a common interest. The name does not derive from enjoying the use of any “trees” that may make you happy (or possibly curl up into the paranoid state of defense known as the fetal position). This morning, however, may have gathered some suspicious glances when YHC had somehow forgotten entirely what month it was and ran the first September CORE workout in the first week of August. Mix this with some cadence falters, giggles and backwards exercise explanations and…well, now YHC is starting to question himself. Self-reflection and positive life choices aside, this morning was a gift as usual. Our close knit AO does wonders for starting the day with fellowship and I am always amazed at how hard these ‘clumpy flour’ brothers of mine push each other.

Conditions: Breezy enough for bears to crawl, no offense to bears.




Shoulder “warm up” next to surprisingly un smelly dumpster.

LBAC forward and reverse x20IC

Overhead Clap x15 IC

Dirty Bird x15 IC

Man Maker Cherry Pickers x15 IC (Grout would love it)


Primer (fast): 5 Merkins, 5 Squats, 5BBS, 5Crunchy Frogs, 5 Shoulder Tap (2 Count), 5 Power Jacks. Broad jump from dumpster to the corner of the gym(ish). 20 Merkins, Burpee for the six until the six completes Merkins.

Four Corners: Boat/Canoe/Peddleboat on Q’s call. Bear Crawl to the next Corner. 10 Merkins, Burpee for the six until all Merkins are complete.

Rower in cadence. Bear Crawl to corner. 10 Merkins , same burpee format

Boat/Canoe/Peddleboat. Same for Bear Crawl and burpees.

From the 3rd light pole from ticket booth: Broad Jump to next pole, Lunge to next pole, Bear Crawl to ticket booth. 10 Merkins with burpees for the six

Slowesy to track, and backpedal to the brickpile. Grab 2 bricks and reconvene on the field. The next exercise is a nod to our boy Puck who ran this one Saturday and can’t be out there with us this week. I thought everyone would enjoy it! 1 (2 count) shoulder tap to 4 Overhead Brick Press. Keep repeating until 10 shoulder taps and 40 OH brick presses are reached (actually it only lasted until YHC needed to hit the next exercise)

Something new for Smokehouse borrowed from an AREA 51 BB, thanks Udder: Cheddar Shredder PAX form a line shoulder to shoulder in the Merkin Plank position while one PAX does a push up in front of each with a hand clap moving sideways in the plank position until they reach the end. (YHC may or may not have jacked this one up a bit on the explanation…imagine that)

Since YHC had a no running September CORE exercise in August…JAILBREAK RUN TO THE FLAG. Merkins for the six.




Name O’ Rama



Schwing’s wife, Paul Edwards (Defect’s Brother-Back Surgery), Nancy Buzhardt


Encouraging posts at The Mission every Saturday we can spare this month. Worth every bit of the time.

Convergence and Stomp the Swamp: August 26th

Pull up build probable on August 19th, get with Nub on this.


TCLAPS to Devito for sticking with us after a CSAUP first week of F3 Last week

It’s great to see Defect starting to get back out on the regular with us. AYE!!

Everyone got better. YOU BEASTS!! Look how far physically, mentally, and spiritually we have come

Swayze loves boat/canoe, everyone do them when he posts please