• When: 
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Wilson, Shankopotomus (Respect), Wino, Urkel, Parks n Rec, Puck, Honcho, Aunt Bee, Stay Puff, Defect, Cinco De Mayo, Caboose

The Rooster Hits 13 PAX. Again.

13 PAX posted at The Rooster this morning hoping for a little get betterment. This tied the record set at the launch and tied again at the first Rooster Boberry Run. Several of the PAX embarked on their first P200 Rooster training run, two of those on out of the ordinary Rooster runs (usually ruckers). We were even honored to welcome Aunt Bee and Parks n Rec, Smokehouse PAX posting at the Rooster for the first time.


Route Explanation


The Thang:

The ruckers took the Long Terrace to Crosson and back route.

The runners took Main to No. 1- out and back as far and as fast as they wanted to go.

Work was done by all.


To Aunt Bee, a first time Rooster PAX and beginning runner. Set out to do 2 miles and pushed to four.

To Defect, a usual Rooster rucker, who normally runs in daylight to train for his PT tests. Defect signed up for the Smokin’ Butts P200 team and currently sits at the top of the leaderboard for the Rooster Runners. He pushed himself to a four.miler today as well.

To Wino. He doesn’t usually run except at Smokehouse boot camps where he stays in beast mode. When he posts at the Rooster he usually walks. This morning he put in 4 miles at a FAST pace, but he runs naked so no one is sure just how fast. Wino will be running on the Smokin’ Butts team as well.

To Happy Trees for setting a 10k PR. He’s a veteran Rooster PAX who will also be running on the Smokin’ Butts team.

P200 here we come!!!