• When: 
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Meter, Gravedigger, Paperjam, Shine, MacGruber, Lumbergh, Peachy, Brita, Squatter

The path to Betterment

YHC pulled up to Ambush this morning and it appeared all pax ran stridelite prior to bootcamp.  If that doesnt tell you that these pax get after it, then I dont know what will.  Paperjam did an excellent job with the countdown to this Q as he mentioned it on the Twittersphere a few times.  YHC had to dial up a good workout in order to try and meet the expectations set by Paperjam.  Hopefully no one was disappointed.

Disclaimer and prayer.

Weather was a nice 35 degrees.

Here is how it went down:

Circle up
SSH x15 IC
TTT x15 IC
Windmill x15 IC
LBAC x10 Front
LBAC x10 backwards IC
Overhead clap x15 IC

Mosey to starting light pole.
At each light pole, 10 Merkins until you get to the final light pole. Should be 15 poles.  Its a long drive way.
On the way back, 10 Bobby Hurley’s until you get to the final light pole.

Mosey to center island between the schools. 2 teams form. One team performs an exercise while the other team takes the lap around the loop. Flapjack when the other team gets back.
Mountain climbers

Squat fest:
Squat x15 OYO
Sumo squat x15 OYO
Prisoner squat x15 OYO
Rabbit squat x15 OYO
Bobby Hurley’s x15 OYO


Christmas party this Friday night, 12/14/18.

Dam to Dam relay 2/16/19

P200 in March

Prayer requests:

Gravediggers father has hip replacement surgery today

Brita mentioned that twins were born at 25 weeks.  Please keep them on your prayer list.  Batesburg family.

Scotch’s cousin Jo Ashley Long.  About to have a kidney removed.

Juice’s father in law.

Man’s car caught on fire on the Dam.  He was burned really badly.

Devotional:  Stay the course, keep fighting.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know when you get there.
I know this sounds obvious, but it’s absolutely true. However, so much of the life of a creative pros is parceled out in packets – bitesized chunks of effort – that somehow cobble together into a body of work. It’s difficult at times to understand how it all fits together, and where it’s all heading. Worse, a lack of context for your work can mean that no matter how much you accomplish, or how much your work is recognized, it’s never enough.

1. Where are you going?
This is about vision. You don’t need to have all the answers, but you should at least have a sense of where you want your work to go, what you like, and what you don’t

2. Where have you been?
This is about learning. Are you getting better at your craft? What are you doing to intentionally grow yourself and push outside of your comfort zone?

3. Where are you now?
This is about celebration. You can’t live in the past or the future, as much as many of us try. You have to learn to celebrate and “mark the moment”,



Paperjam talks about making poop a lot.

Brita had shorts on this morning which makes HIM tougher than most people.

I told some guys about my recent hunting experience and how I didnt shoot a nice sized buck, which makes me not very cool in the hunting world. Also hurts my HIM points.

Christmas party should be epic.  Paperjam is not going to shave HIMS nipples but SOS will.


Thank you for having me out to Ambush.  A great group of guys post here.  Solid mumblechatter.  Hard workers.  Extremely cool AO.