• When: 2017-11-18
  • QIC: Kukoc
  • The PAX: No Show, Matinee, Finch, Hobby Lobby, Kukoc, Harp, Golden State, Pippy, Trophy Boy (2.0), Emmy, Hoboken, Riverdance, Buoy-FNG (Respect), Steamer, Icarus, Tinkle,

Saturdays are for Ultimate

16 pax posted at Snakepit for serious game of ultimate frisbee.

Conditions:  started out cold, but got warm really quick


Mosey down to warm up area and cadence led by Kukoc:

  •  SSH x 20
  • TTT x 15
  • WM x 15
  • IW x 15

Divide up into teams and lets get ready to rumble:

Team 1 started out with 3-4 quick scores so Kukoc moved from Team 1 to Team 2 to help balance things out and the game did get a bit more competitive after that.


Hoboken caught everything thrown his way and always seemed to be in the endzone.

Kukoc can throw a frisbee a really long way, whether his teammate is down there or not.

Matinee and Buoy got hands!

Steamer plays tough D, but broken the golden rule of sports.  You don’t catch the ball (frisbee) with your face.

Trophy Boy (Emmy’s 2.0) had the play of the day.  A number of Pax were converging in the endzone for the throw and out of nowhere came Trophy Boy, at the last second he dove, swatted the frisbee down, knocked Riverdance off his feet, stiff armed Hoboken, suplexed Emmy then roared like a lion (some of this may be artistic license).  It was a really cool play, actually.   Rumor has it he got home and ran to his Mom and told her he had the play of the day!

Mosey back to the flag



Prayer requests:

Tinkles M due Dec 27th (Welcome, dribble?)

Blindside and Family, Daughter Maggie

Finch’s brother lost his best friend in a car accident

Icarus has some exams coming up-wisdom