• When: 2017-10-28
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Shine, Navy Bean (Respect), Caddy Shack, Trackhoe, Trickle, Dozer

Rucks, Blocks and bad decisions…..

Earlier in the week, YHC sent out a message to the pax of #CAT that today’s workout would be ruck friendly.  I had no idea at the time what we would do, only that ruck’s would be welcome. Sometime on Friday, it came to me. Read on for details.

***Conditions: Clear and 49***

***Prayer & Disclaimer***

***The Thang:***






Mosey to Block Pile, Grab a block, and let’s go for a hike

Stop at planters in front of Stadium. (At this point, YHC needed a significant number of reps. To make things interesting, I decided to go with 13 since LHS beat White Knoll the night before 13-0. To make sure no one was cheated, we will do two exercises of 13 reps at each stop). First exercise will be sit down/stand up X 13, followed by 13 step ups each leg. – Bad decision #1

Start moving again. Stay in front of the stadium down to service road. We opted for the Cross Country path instead of getting in the road. Bad decision #2 – dark and rough terrain. At this point, stop for Curls for the girls and overhead press X 13 OYO.

Next stop 13 incline merkins, 13 decline merkins.

Continue down Service Road. Stop at hills behind tennis courts. Using your block, gorilla walk up the hill. At the top, 13 sqauts, reverse gorilla walk down (Very Bad Decision #3), for groiners at the bottom. At the risk of injury, YHC made the call to drop the reverse gorilla walk down the hill and opted for a regular walk.

This continued around the campus for a total of 1.8 miles. We mixed in calf raises, kettle bell swings, chest presses, nose-breakers, taking the block from the ground and sitting it up on a ledge, etc. One unnamed pax discovered that you can cut the weight of your block in half by dropping it and forcing it to break. Mumble chatter picked up exponentially at this point. Carrying a block and a ruck for nearly 2 miles was harder than YHC imagined. Great work by all the pax present.



Cheech 10K on 11/11

F3/FiA Christmas Party 12/15

Teams are forming for P200 for next year.

F3 Midlands GrowRuck – January 27-28

Shine is moving next weekend. Need all available pax to help.

***Prayer Requests***

Ross Carr, a co-worker of Dozer and Trackhoe. His wife has a tumor. Surgeons couldn’t remove it all. Will start chemo.


T-Claps to all the men who helped with the clean up after Boot Camp today. In a short time, we made our AO look a lot better. Thanks again.