• When: 2019-07-30
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Belding, Mermaid, Rabbi, Putz, Urkel, Hollywood, Tongue N Groove, Defect (R), Wilson, Nub, Shankopotamus (R), Babe, Happy Trees

Rowers, Merkins, and Burpees Oh My

What a beautiful morning. YHC was put in the EH hard by the silver fox that may have in turn needed his own EH this morning. The no show thus ruined efforts in deterring a plank challenge…oh well it will make us better. Putz wasn’t last to show but not because he was on time. If Mermaid wasn’t so darn cute I guess we would be mad at him. YHC was given the go ahead to start by Shank the mastermind and off we went.

Conditions: Humidity means it’s so hot the sky sweats

Disclaimer.                                                                    Prayer

No COP but we did AOP (activities of Pain). This included a nice long India. Run around  the lot, 4 corners of Merkins, a pole to pole of squat jumps with high knees, high kicks, and butt kicks between poles. The rest of the activities were a short plankorama mama and some TTT with windmills.

The Thang.                                                                   Mosey to the bottom of Hite Hill for some Caboose love in the form of Merkin Mountain. For those that don’t know that’s 5 meekins at the bottom, 5 in the middle, 5 at the top, 5 in the middle going down and then RR 5x.

Next up is the partner portion of this plethora of perpetual perspiring. Partner 1 stays on the start line and does Rowers. Partner 2 bear crawls 5 yds for 1 burpee, 5 more for 2 burpees, 5 more for 3 burpees, and then runs back. Repeat until recovery is called. YHC called out 300…big dreams.

YHC called recovery at 6 till the end my friend for some time with Mary. She was good to us today with a variation of ab burners.


Prayer Request: Al Gores father in law, Beldings family, and each other.

Great Devo from Rabbi from Psalms 25!

Announcements: August 5th Monday Bible study starts back up, 9/11 meeting  in August; ask Matlock for deets (Poolballs will be provided) , Tomahawk Puntball-check the schedule for date.

Much love my brothers, HT out!