• When: 2018-01-30
  • QIC: Ebert
  • The PAX: Icarus, Prom Night, Finch, Dundee, Sauerkraut, Harp, 6 Foot Under, Tri Delta, Ebert

Return of the Ebert

Q: Ebert
Conditions: Clear around 40 degrees and Tropical Storm force winds.
Disclaimer: Ebert
BOM: Ebert
The Thang
15 Through the Tunnel IC
15 Windmills IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Merkins OYO
15 Toy Soldiers IC
Indian Run on Track
Ladder Repeats
Get blocks and meet at the base of the stairs
Each landing will bring a repeat of each of the following exercises. Each landing then back down. 1, then 1 and 2, then 1,2, and 3, etc.
  1. 10 Squats
  2. 10 Curls
  3. 10 Rows (5 and 5)
  4. 10 Merkins
  5. 10 Swings
  6. 10 Chest Presses
  7. 10 Push Presses
  8. 10 Triceps
Plank variations and 10 Merkins waiting for the 6.
  1. LBC’s IC 15
  2. Pike’s IC 15
  3. Flutter Kicks IC 30
  4. Freddy Mercury’s IC 15
  5. Additional 30 Merkins to complete 150 Merkins for the Q. (You’re welcome 6 Foot)
Indian Run
Back to the Flag
9 Pax
P200 training run Saturday at 5pm, GoRuck Light this Saturday, Dam to Dam February 24, P200 March 23rd and 24th, Carolina Reaper in July, Xterra Half at Harbison State Forest, F3/Fia Christmas Party, Possible SnakePit/The Stand Christmas get together
Prayer Requests
Teacher at Carolina Springs with a premature child in hospital
CHIPS family
Icarus’s coworker with flu and everyone else affected by the flu