• When: 2019-01-25
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Pepto, Shag, Olive Oil, Dance Off, Black Lung, Pebbles, Watergate, Ryans, Sweet Tart, Steel Toe, Sparty, Cheddar, Pinot

Post but No Cigar

13 PAX came to play Futbol this morning (12 of which were on time… cough, Pebbles, cough…) at the Grand Stadium at River Bluff.  It was just below the freezing temperature mark, but that didn’t stop Cheddar from wearing his shorts out.  The game was close, until it wasn’t, with a final score of 9-6, team 2 being the victor.

Here are the top 5 moments from today’s matchup:

  1. The game started with tremendous defense by all the usual suspects, Sparty, Steel Toe, Shag, Olive Oil and Black Lung.  I don’t think the first goal was even scored until 15 minutes in.  There was also a little bit of tackling today too, when Ryans took down Pepto and Black Lung brought Cheddar down on the shot attempt (only thing hurt was pride).  Slight confusion with the Futbol vs. Football.
  2. For Team 1, Sweet Tart could not be stopped, scoring 5 of the 6 goals for his team (Goal 6 happened in the final seconds).  He was either on fire, or everyone else on the team was ice cold.  Either way, it wasn’t enough to lead to the victory.
  3. Both Pebbles and YHC had near goals, but the goal post had other plans.  Pebbles knocked one at mach speed into the top post for the rejection, while YHC had the rainbow shot that bounced right into the post, then fell to Olive Oil for the clear out.
  4. Pepto snuck in a power play for his team right before leaving.  With his team already up a man, he waited for Ryans to leave (putting them up 2) to drive his team down to get another goal to secure the victory. Well played sir!
  5. Dance Off and Watergate were a head above the rest.  I’m not sure how many goals they scored, but they were moving the ball around and getting open by slipping through the cracks on the defense.

Great game, everyone stayed safe.

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