• When: 2018-02-27
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Ebert, Brainiac, Giggity, Postal, Tailpipe, Dead Stick (R), Katniss (Q)

Pole Position

Conditions: 48 F , cool and clear

Disclaimer,  Pledge of allegiance,  COT

Fresh off the Dam 2 Dam 100k relay YHC decided to incorporate a little running and some arm, core,leg exercises in this routine .

The Thang,

Warm up with

20 SSH

15 Imp walkera funky fast cadence

20 4 ct FK

10 TTT old man style with Viagra

Mosey to block pile ,take a block.

Travel 8 light poles OH Carry , block presses etc along the way.

Then start at pole 1

All pax stay at pole after completing exercise and SSH until all pax are done then perform block advance as ordered by Q. After block round leave blocks at pole 8 then pax run to next poles and then perform exercises, SSH if you finish b4 others

Circuit 1

Arms (blocks/bricks)

Fast carry pole to pole

Pole 1 Colt 45s 15-15-15
Pole 2 OH press 20
Pole 3 Rows 10 R- 10 L
Pole 4 Skull crushers on 6 20 head on
Curb, block to pavement.
Pole 5 Lbac f/r 10/10
Pole 6 Chest press on 6 40x
Pole 7 Triceps 15
Pole 8 Dips with blocks/bricks on curb 15

Leave blocks at pole.


Run pole to pole

Pole 8 Heel touch 20 4 ct ic
Pole 7 Lbc 20
Pole 6 V ups 20
Pole 5 Iron cross 20
Pole 4 Merican hammer 20-ic
Pole 3 Bbsu 20
Pole 2 Nolan ryans 10/10
Pole 1 Flutter kicks 30 4ic


Run pole to pole

Pole 1 Lunges f 15 each leg
Pole 2 scissor lunges 15 ic2
Pole 3 decline B hip thrusters 20 curb
Pole 4 Calf press 20 curb
Pole 5 Bobby hurleys 15 x
Pole 6 Monkey humpers 20 4ic
Pole 7 Bolt 45s
Pole 8 2 min plank , time stops if knees touch ground.

Return blocks

Count off 7 pax ,NameORama


P200 2/23,24

Converge 4 yr at Riverbluff HS 2/3 sat see Twitter posts Pre BB.



Great work men!

Your brother ,


Psalm 103:19 The Lord has made the heavens his throne; from there he rules over everything. /Just in case you forgot. The Lord is still on His throne and He is ruling over everything.