• When: 2017-08-11
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Shankopotamus, Wilson, Stay Puff, Puck, Caboose, Swayze, Happy Trees

Panther Mountain Posse, Mount Up

It was a good morning to Q at Rooster. It is Friday, nice weather, and YHC was surrounded by F3 brothers that push and encourage one another. Puck and Swayze took off on one of BRR training routes and rucked the mess out the Lick Creek Climb. After making it down to the bridge base camp they returned for the climb back to the summit. The climb itself is over ½ mile of pure quad burning power surrounded by vast scenery you can’t see in the dark and teaming with wildlife including, but possibly not limited to, opossums and dogs. What brave men, forging the road ahead against danger. The runners went out in search of new animal friends up Panther Mountains so Wilson, Shankopotamus, Stay Puff, Caboose and YHC headed off for Panther Mountain.  I thought Wilson had found one because he ran away really fast. Don’t Worry Wilson, come back, it’s just us chasing you. A few PR’s got picked up today and Caboose took 3rd on Panther Mountain. A good feat considering he took it from a one legged man and has to compete with two jack rabbits. Early on Shank, Stay Puff, and Wilson set the break neck pace that probably affected all of our individual runs today thanks for the push, or drag, however you want to look at it. It was as always a good morning in the gloom, embracing some suck.

Conditions: Foggy and Suspicious



Ruckers: Down to Lick Creek

Runners: College st to 245, right on 245-to stop sign, left on 391-to Hwy23, left on 23-to Main, left on Main-to shovel flag.

Prayer Request:

Nancy Buzhardt, Bo Baker