• When: 2019-04-09
  • QIC: Paper Jam
  • The PAX: Squatter, Meter, Lumbergh, Moist, Grave Digger, Muggy Tape, All 9s, Niles, Trickle, DriSocket, Bambi, Turtlehead, Grass Fairy, Pop Off, Po, Juice, SawDust, PowPow, Tutu, MacGruber, Paper Jam

Make Ambush Great Again

Conditions: Mid 60s, no rain yet

Today was a special day for Brita and YHC. After almost a year of being AOQ it was time to pass that responsibility to the next guy. Looking back at almost 3 years of F3 I can truly say it has impacted my life in unmeasurable ways. After being EHed multiple times by Bambi I finally gave in and gave this F3 thing a try. In the years leading up to this moment I continued to gain weight and make many unhealthy choices and in what I ate and drank. The first six months of F3 were rough. But after seeing small improvements in my fitness and having all the encouragement from the PAX, it gave me the motivation to keep pushing for more. That encouragement started some friendship that will last a lifetime. That’s just not something you get in a gym. Being able to open up about things going on in my life and discussing that with other Christians has built a bond with these guys stronger than anything I’ve had in my life before. Because of that it has not only made me a better husband, father and leader in the community but more importantly it has made me a stronger Christian.

As you know, passing the flag to the next AOQ is not done with a vote. But the decision was a very easy one for me to make after seeing all the improvements and dedication Brita has made over this past year. He almost never misses a BC and quite regularly puts in for some XL runs. He went from almost dying from running just a mile to running his first half marathon all within 10 months. If there is a CSAUP event you’re guaranteed to see him be one of the first to sign up. If we did put this to a vote I am confident that he would receive 100% of them.

The Thang:
The workout was definitely done on the fly. A good mixture of everything with a handful of different PAX leading some of the work out. Meter killed our arms with LBAC and then sat and watched us finish with cherry pickers.


– Gauntlet comes to Ambush on April 15th
– F3 5k race, April 27th at 8am, signup link – https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=175078

– Brita’s aunt Kim
– Cowbell’s Kid and family that he is mentoring
– GD’s mother