• When: 2018-02-01
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Pole Dancer, Farkus, Flo-R, Meerkat, Hitch, Pulley Bone, Peach Fuzz, Terminex, Nub

Just playing some cards on the Clock

So it was YHC’s pleasure to head up to Saluda again this morning to Q at The Valley.  These guys are getting better and since today was a heatwave compared to most of their WO days, didn’t even hear much mumblechatter about the cold.  Tclaps to these Pax to post consistently in probably the coldest temps EVER!  YHC took it easy on the boys this morning as word is Ranger is bringing the heat on Saturday so didn’t want to wear them out too much today.  At the least i think they have all found there abs (V-ups tend to do that ).  Here’s what went down.

Conditions:  28 degrees

1min warning

Disclaimer and Prayer

Moseying COP

Mosey then SSH x 15 IC

Mosey then TTT x 15 IC

Mosey then Windmills x 15 IC

Arrive at destination to punch the Clock on the mornings fun.  Destination was hill heading down to retention pond for some Clock Merkins.  Partner up!   P1 does AMRAP squats at the bottom of the hill (not too far down, none of you brought your swim trunks this morning).  P2 Bearcrawls to the midway point of the hill doing Merkins–number and body position of the clock then Crawlbear back down hill and flapjack w/ partner until you both reach 12 oclock.  Once 12 is reached finish the bearcrawl to the top of the hill and plank on the six.

Recover and explain the cooldown.  Mosey to circle of cones and play a little Deck of Death.  Pax will bear crawl to center, draw a card and do number and exercise listed then bearcrawl back and on to next pax.

CLUBS-2ct Flutter Kicks

DIAMONDS (may be a girls best friend but not Valley Pax)–V-UPS


HEARTS–Burpees (cause who don’t love Burpees)

Ace-15, K-13, Q-12, J-11 10,9,8 you get the point.

Looks like the lucky suit this morning were Diamonds big numbers at that and i have a feeling abs were discovered today.

Running out of time and no Jokers…gotta have Jokers.  Circle up in the middle for Guantanamo then flip over and do a Star plank until YHC called TIME!

Mosey back to virtual shovelflag

Count/Name o rama

Announcements–Ranger bringing the pain on Saturday so get ur mind right now (oh yeah and bring a friend for that fun)

Prayers–Brenda Shorter, Julia Shealy, Sara Kate Bryant, all the sickness in the communities