• When: 2018-03-08
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Adluh, Life Alert, Abacus, Purdy, Hoosier Daddy, Can't Get Right, Stinkbait, Giggity, Banjo, Postal, Cheddar, Sparkle, Rumble Strip, Rebar, Floppy Disk, Hot-4-Teacher, Over Exposed, Bar Crawl, Blue Rhino, Boo Boo

Inaugural Indian Wall Sit Dance Off @ Detention

YHC was disappointed to find out a few months ago that he wouldn’t be able to Q on his actual birthday so he settled for the next best thing, the day before.  The weather was an absolute treat, and by treat I mean freezing.  After calling out a few PAX on #thetwitter, DET had another good showing this morning and boy was it fun.  YHC had a great time with these brothers – all three Fs were exercised.

Weather: 32, saw some ice on hats and some steam coming off heads

The Thang:

The morning got off to an ominous start when we couldn’t find the key to unlock the gate so we decided to take the long way around.  We started off with a lap around the parking lot and threw in some butt kicks and some high knees.

Mosey’d over to the field by the bus loop for a real nice 25-year-themed warmup:

5 burpees – SSHx25 – 5 burpees – LBACx25 – 5 burpees – TTTx25 – 5 burpees – IWx25 – 5 burpees (Running Burpee Total: 25)

Mosey’d all the way to the block pile and grabbed a concrete masonry unit.

10 merkins OYO

15 slow mo Cs for the Gs (or for C) IC

5 merkins OYO

15 slow mo Cs for the Gs (start with block at chest and lower on 3 count, back to chest at 4 count) IC

Grabbed blocks and made for the track for a birth date ladder (3/9/93):

Sprint across without block, 3 squats, sprint back, 3 burpees

Sprint across without block, 9 squats, sprint back, 9 burpees

Sprint across without block, 9 squats, sprint back, 9 burpees

Sprint across without block, 3 squats, sprint back, 3 burpees

This put the RBT at 49, so we did 1 more to make it a nice even 50. Postal started having flashbacks.

Grabbed our blocks and lunged halfway across, walked the rest, did 10 squats, lunged halfway back, walked the rest.  Rebar got impatient and earned 10 merkins for the rest of the group.

We did some 16 count manmakers/block busters that went exactly as planned.

Put blocks away and ran over to the long, dark driveway. 5 merkins while we waited for the six. Rumble, Floppy, and myself got pretty comfortable for a minute there, glad the six wasn’t too far behind.

Slowsey’d to first light pole then sprinted to second. Mosey around to the bus loop for the grand finale, the Indian Wall Sit.  The large crowd and lack of a long, continuous wall with flat ground made this a little challenging but we made it work.  Everyone wall sit in a line, person in the back runs up to the front and resumes their wall sit.  We made it through one round.  Things got progressively funkier.  OX hit us with a little carioca, I believe it was Sparkle who showed off the backpedal skills, H4T boo’d anyone who dared just run to the front of the line, Stinky dropped a burpee with nice form in front of YHC, and the bottom fell out when Floppy Disk burpee’d his way into the worm. More IWS’s to come, believe me.

Mosey back to the flag.


  • You won’t laugh in the gym like you do #inthegloom. That’s a fact.
  • Solid mumblechatter from these guys today, 9/10 since there were no bird sounds #skinnyjeans
  • T-claps to Stink for dropping that 51st burpee
  • Big thanks to Chedda, Floppy Disk, and Rebar for paying us a visit at DET and answering my challenge on #thetwitter
  • You won’t find fellowship in the gym like you do at F3 either.  Lots of love shown for Adluh this morning.
  • T-claps to the consistent Strideliters and Study Hall attendees of DET
  • Awesome work with continued high attendance at DET despite the fluctuating weather.  Keep up the good work men.


  • DET attendance bribe
  • P200 is coming
  • Mentorship program with Ken Doll.  Very flexible scheduling.
  • Cross Ruck 3/30 – Quisenberry
  • True to the Brew Trail Run 4/21
  •  Lexington Brew Ruck 4/28
  • 3rd F 5K 5/5 – Mac
  • Carolina Reaper Challenge – July
  • Possibility of a launch in Mobile, AL. Pew is moving, more details to follow.

Prayer Requests:

  • Adluh and family – father passed away – donations: https://t.co/kItcpFqTP7
  • Dear Diary – medical
  • Rook – job