• When: 2017-12-07
  • QIC: Pass Ball
  • The PAX: Grout, Hemingway, Chum Lee, Hops, Bull, Hot Stick, Pass Ball

Go fast-turn left

7 PAX posted for some easy laps around the track to help celebrate an early 50th birthday for YHC.

Conditions-43 degrees and wet

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang

Mosey to block pile and choose your block and head to the track

Run a lap around the track carrying your cinder block stopping in the corners to do work

corner 1-10 curls for the girls

corner 2-10 over head press

corner 3-10 triceps extensions

corner 4- 10 burpees with block

repeato for a total of 5 laps

partner Indian run with blocks

partner 1 take off around track with block

partner 2 does 3 burpees and then chases partner 1

once partner 2 catches partner 1, switch and continue for 1 lap around track

Total of 1.5 miles carrying cinder block with 50 each curls, OHP, triceps extension and burpees mixed in

Mosey back to SF


F3 Party and Convergence

Prayer requests

TPs family

Bulls friend

Grouts friends family