• When: 2018-02-09
  • QIC: Hoboken
  • The PAX: Ralphie, Dunbar, FieldGoal, Farmer, Turtle-FNG, Goldfish-FNG, Steamer, Bulldog, Bing, Nanochip, Lavar, Strut, FloppyDisk, DoubleFault, BooBoo, Chinstrap, Cheddar, Rebar, Prancer, Clamdigger, LuckyCharms, Gumdrop, BigCountry-FNG, BigBox, Rubber, Hoboken

Game 2 – Mad Skillz Yo..

What an enormous turnout for Game 2!  With 26 PAX we were able to have 4 teams and all of them had at least 1 alternate.  Nice work!  Is it bad when someone doesn’t start on a basketball team consisting of 6 players?  Asking for a friend.  On second thought…  it just might not be my gift to play basketball, but that doesn’t mean I’m not part of this team…this brotherhood, this mission….

Many of you are probably aware that I directed the youth basketball program at Lexington Baptist Church this past season.  I have been involved in the Upward program for the last 8 years running now.   One lesson that never changes with our kids is that God has gifted each of us with the skills to bring glory to Him.  For some it could be basketball…  for others, like me, it is clearly something different…  I mean what good would it be if God made us all good Bball players? – how would we get our witness beyond the gym?  What about schools, businesses and courtrooms?  I think you get where I’m going…

To make our “team” strong, there are many different puzzle pieces.  We need to know amongst ourselves where we all fit and what needs there are to be met.  It isn’t much different than me knowing that when I get the ball in our games that I need to give it to Clamdigger. Why?  I know he’s the best person to handle that situation!  If someone needs some handywork done though…  I know my brother Chinstrap is my guy to call.

I love playing basketball with all of you even though I’m not good at it.  What I love more than Bball though is doing this life with all of you and being there for each other and stepping up when it’s my turn to “handle a situation”.  Our “Circle of Trust” is meant to air those situations in which we need help and prayer.

This past week we had one prayer request with 26 guys.  Unless I’m living life on a different planet than the rest of you, I know there is a lot left uncovered.  I don’t know all of you well yet, but I will speak for the guys I DO know…  it would be our honor to pray and help any of you if you need it.

The Bible speaks to us about our giftings in 1 Corinthians 12 (link below).


Speaking of friends – we named 3 FNGs.  Welcome Goldfish, Turtle and BigCountry!

Game 3 – Friday at 5am.