• When: 2019-05-07
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Katniss (Respect), Finch, Pups(Respect), Dance Mom, Deadstick (Respect), Farmer, Fergie (Respect), Harp (Respect)

Down goes Frazier!

Today’s beatdown was the 2nd part of YHC’s workplace incentive for healthier living utilizing the Nike workout app.  8 Pax posted for boxer circuit themed beatdown that got the blood flowing and the sweat rolling.  Good work, Men!

1 Minute warning (Courtesy of Katniss)


Opening prayer

Mosey down to the practice field


  • 15 SSH IC
  • 15 IW IC
  • 10 TTT low and slow

After a brief explanation of what was fixing to happen, we got to it!  All exercises were AMRAP for the time indicated:

  • 20s LBACs forward then back
  • 50s walkouts/inchworm
  • 30s SSH
  • 20s Squats
  • 15s quick feet
  • 30s shoulder taps

Round 1

  • 20s boxer bounce
  • 20s combo-jab, cross, jab R
  • 20s combo  jab cross jab L
  • 20s squat pulses
  • 20s L combo jab cross uppercut
  • 20s R combo jab cross uppercut
  • 20s Boxer bounce
  • 20s L jab cross hook
  • 20s R jab cross hook
  • 30s Reverse lunges
  • 20s Boxer bounce

Round 2

  • 20s Merkins
  • 20s R L hooks
  • 20s Boxer bounce
  • 30s Sit up twist R
  • 30s Sit up twist L
  • 20s Squat pulses
  • 30s straight leg bicycles
  • 20s squat jumps
  • 20s L jab cross jab
  • 20s R jab cross jab
  • 20s Merkin hold low
  • 20s Boxer bounce
  • 20s L jab cross hook
  • 20s R jab cross hook
  • 20s burpees
  • 20s L jab cross uppercut
  • 20s R jab cross uppercut
  • 20s boxer bounce
  • 30s alternating lunge jumps

Round 3

  • 30s Squat front kicks
  • 20s quick feet
  • 30s High plank
  • 40s squat side kicks
  • 15s quick feet
  • 30s L Nolan Ryans
  • 30s R Nolan Ryans
  • 30s squat front kicks
  • 20s Boxer bounce
  • 30s squat side kicks
  • 30s burpees
  • 20s Merkins
  • 20s boxer bounce
  • 30s L jab cross upper cut
  • 30s R jab cross upper cut
  • 40s Mountain climber

Mosey back to the flag

Announcements: Next week Safe run lexington, Jauntlet

Prayer requests

Brainiac and recovery, mealtrain for the family

Pajanamal family

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