• When: 2019-05-28
  • QIC: Shank
  • The PAX: Breaker-Breaker(Respect), Mid-Range (Respect) BullDog, Joe Pa, Rebar, Digger, Bo Knows (Respect), Good Hands, Dance Machine, Shades of Gray & Shank (YHC)

“Dice of Discipline” Resuscitated at the Graveyard

11 PAX, including YHC, posted in the Graveyard morning gloom with clear eyes and sound hearts; determined to survive a razzle-bedazzle of activity. YHC, led the PAX though a tangled web of dice rolls, brickwork (or Blocks for the Red-Pillers) and Jacob-ladders, with the requirement that each man state something they were “Thankful for” prior to their dice rolls. A multi-generational playlist of songs pertaining to “Thanks” and “Gratitude” was played (the Pax seemed surprised by Beastie Boys, “Gratitude”, and Third-Eye-Blind’s “Thanks a Lot” making the cut, but you have to keep’em guessing…). The bricks/blocks and movement drills seemed a crowd-pleaser, and a post-Memorial Day sweat was achieved, with heavy breathing by YHC.  Yet, the Q was completed without injury, this time.

The Thang
Disclaimer, BOM, Prayer & COP
• 1 mosey lap around the footbal field
• 10 Through the Tunnel (IC)
• 10 Side-Straddle-Hop (IC)
• 20 Overhead Claps (IC)
• 10 Squats (IC)
• Mosey to the steps of the Stadium concourse to retrieve each man’s block/bricks

“Dice of Discipline”, Concrete, and “I’m Thankful for…”:
-Each man takes his personal block/bricks
-Circle and take turns rolling dice to determine each lifting count. Prior to each man’s roll he states something he is “Thankful” for and proceeds to roll
-Exercise rotations of Curls, Triceps Extensions, Flys/Rows, Shoulder Presses and Chest Presses (OYO) are rotated each roll for a circuit the length of one song. (A roll of 6 or less is multiplied by (5) (YHC multiplication abilities were clearly clouded by his lack of posting weariness, but the Pax was very gracious to correct…especially the Clemson contingency), and a roll of 7 or higher on the is multiplied by (4) for that set-count rotation. Any doubles adds (10) Squats (OYO) to that given set before the lifts start.)
– Plank when finished
– Post plank exercises of (7) Mountain Climbers (IC), Plank Jacks (IC), or squats were rotated between each lifting set prior to next dice roll.

– Time allotted allowed each member of the PAX to roll once, with lucky doubles showing up twice! (YHC often rigs the rolls to ensure some doubles are achieved for the bonus squats)
Movement Drills: Following each 3rd set of lifting exercises a movement drill is introduced:
– 1st Movement Drill: OYO mini Jacobs-Ladders with running of the stairs to (5) Squats at the top; return to the bottom of the stairs for (4) squats and continuing up and down stairs until squat rotations are complete. Return to block circle for next group of block exercises
– 2nd Movement Drill: Stadium stairs mosey with squats at the top of each set of stairs (limit movement drill as needed to ensure each man gets a dice roll)
– 3rd Movement Drill: Repeated Drill 1, above
– A key-word exercise song was used as our close-out. Thunderstruck has (33) utterances of “thunder” which was tied to a squat. Each man found a step on the stadium stairs and calf-raises ensue, non-stop, until the word “thunder” is heard, at which time a squat is added…oh the Mumblechatter…
– Mosey back to the shovel-flag and 5 minutes of Mary

COT, BOM, & Prayer


– The Q was winded early and often, but it is truly about: #GETTINGBETTERTOGETHER
– Amazed by the endurance, encouragement, and commitment of every man represented. Privileged to work with each of these men, and thankful for their EH.
– Moved by each man’s gratitude statements during this workout: families, F3, upcoming marriages, health, and children completing milestones. YHC’s, “What I am thankful for?”, I am thankful for my M and 2.0’s who, like my Savior, love me unconditionally.