• When: 2019-05-28
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Detour, McNugget, Boo Boo, Zima, Collar, Bindi, Duckie, Blowout, Gaston, Pinkman, Wally, Misfire

Shaking Off the Holiday Fat at Hammer

After a long holiday weekend, 13 PAX posted in the gloom to begin the work on burning off all the seared meat, fixins, and adult beverages that were consumed in celebration of our nation’s fallen soldiers.  A long weekend and a blistering Battle workout on Sat left YHC still sore and tired. I needed something simple but effective for this Q.  I figured the PAX would be fine with a little fresh air and work off campus.  So this repetitive circuit tour around the hills of Satchel Ford was hatched.  Hope you enjoyed.

Conditions – Another scorcher!

The Thang

Circuit during each of our 12 stops along the way consisted of 10 merkins, 15 big boy situps, and 20 squats.  Always a good high plank at the end while waiting on the 6.

L down Briarfield.  R onto Ila.  Stop for 1st circuit.

Down to end of Ila. Stop for 2nd circuit. Wally is taunting the Q by trying to run right on his heels and panting heavily so the pace was picked up significantly at this point to keep him at bay.

L down Satchel Ford with quick R onto Meadowood and down the hill.  Stop for 3rd circuit.

L onto Orchard Cir and all the way around loop back to Meadowood.  R onto Meadowood and up the hill to end at Sylvan.  Stop for 4thcircuit.  Ask Duckie to cook up an Odyssey of the Mind question for the PAX from his recent travels with his 2.0 that got all of her smarts from her mother.

R onto Sylvan to Cedar Spring.  Stop for 5th circuit.  Receive our Odyssey of the Mind test question for Duckie the Wizard.  PAX thoroughly stumped.

R onto Cedar Spring and all the way down the hill and back up to Satchel Ford.  Stop for 6th circuit.

L onto Satchel Ford to Briarfield.  Stop for 7th circuit.

L onto Briarfield and all the way down the hill and back up to Sylvan.  Stop for 8th circuit.  Receive answer to Odyssey of the Mind question from Duckie.  After some short argument, Boo Boo accepts the logic of the answer.

R onto Sylvan to Shannon Springs.  Stop for 9th circuit.

R onto Shannon Springs then down the hill and back up to Satchel Ford.  Stop for 10th circuit.  Wally is now officially out of gas.  He blames running 4 miles at Scramble yesterday as the culprit.  Mucho grumbling about the lack of creativity by the Q at this point.  I think everyone was just heavily winded by the swift pace and battered by all the reps, hence their irrational complaining.

R onto Satchel Ford and down all the way to Briarfield.  Stop for 11th circuit.

L onto Briarfield and down past the last car then U-turn to the L back to COT.  Stop for 12th circuit.


BOM Prayer


  • T-claps to Wally for pushing himself and giving max effort today.  Dabo would be proud.  I’m going to assume his 8.5 rating of the workout was fueled by his frustration of not being able to catch the Q throughout them hills.
  • Solid mumblechatter from the group.  Too many contributors to name.
  • Plenty of beard sweat from Gaston.  It gets real when the beard starts dripping.
  • Honored to lead this great group of men.  Special group at this AO.
  • Don’t look now, but Hammer has closed the gap to 16 YTD on Thunder.  Down from a recent 30+ deficit.  I blame Welcome Week’s semi-retirement.  Absolutely nothing to do with anything McNugget has or hasn’t done lately.
  • There are allegedly some new blocks for us to enjoy.  Thanks Boo Boo!


  • 5.31.19 Ben Lippen Football Golf Tourney at Oak Hills.  Contact Splinter for details.  Have a few PAX looking for a few to round out some teams.
  • 6.14.19 F3 Dads begins. Details coming soon.  See Froman and Pinkman.
  • 6.24-6.29.19 Crazy Train.
  • 7.13.19 F3 Columbia Quarterly Convergence.  Looking like 6:30 at Sawmill in Blythewood.  Details to come.  If you haven’t seen what this group has to offer, then you are cheating yourself.  Crazy dudes.
  • 7.29.19 F3 Decathlon. Hosted by Splinter at Ben Lippen.
  • 8.17.19 Goliath hosted by Shandon Baptist.  2nd annual.  Last year was outstanding.  Another 2.0 fitness event.