• When: 2017-09-02
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Tangerine, Tea Party, PC, Inuit, Choo Choo, Ocho Cinco, Swamp Thing, AB

College Football Kickoff at Jumanji

8 thrill seekers assembled ’round the shovel flag before dawn at Jumanji this AM ready to make their daily downpainment. With the College Football Season kicking off today, YHC couldn’t pass up an opportunity to lower the boom on #TheHerd while dropping some knowledge on the history of the games played between his alma mater and their opening game opponent. Today’s South Carolina vs. NC State game will move the Wolfpack past North Carolina as the team that has played the Gamecocks 3rd most in football behind only Clemson and Georgia. Carolina leads the overall series by the narrowest of margins at 27-26-4. After studying up on the rivalry, the QIC tied in several numbers of significance to today’s workout….as painfully as possible.

BOM led by AB

The Thang:
Mosey around parking lot

57 games in the series
COP (57 total reps. All IC)
Windmill x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Squats x 10
Thru the tunnel x 10
Lil’ Baby Arm circles x 7 (F & B)

Mosey to Legoland. Collect 2 bricks.

ACC (14 teams)
Alternating lunges x 14
Crunches x 14
Curls x 14

Drop bricks. Mosey to Canteen.

SEC (14 teams)
Squats x 14
Elevens (10 ‘mercans/1 dip—>1 ‘mercan/10 dips)
Calf raises x 14

Mosey to Playground. Pick up bricks along the way.

USC (27 wins)
Upright rows x 27
Step ups x 27
Carolina Dry-docks x 27

Mosey to parking lot

NC State (26 wins)
Nolan Ryans x 26
Carioca to other side of parking lot
SSH x 26
Carioca back for 26 Upright rows

Mosey around parking lot.

4 ties in series.
8-count man makers x 4

Pax pick a number. Games 1-57 of series.
Winning score = Number of reps
Games 1-10 ‘Mercans
Games 11-20 Triceps extensions
Games 21-30 Sumo squats
Games 31-40 Flutter kicks
Games 41-50 Alternating Shoulder taps
Games 51-57 Overhead presses
Tie games = 10 burpees

Game 50: 1987 Columbia, SC
Carolina 48
NC State 0
48 Alternating shoulder taps

Game 26: 1962 Columbia, SC
Carolina 17
NC State 6
17 Sumo squats

Game 27: 1963 Columbia, SC
NC State 18
Carolina 6
18 Sumo squats

Game 10: 1926 Columbia, SC
Carolina 20
NC State 14
20 ‘Mercans

Game 9: 1925 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 7
NC State 6
7 ‘Mercans

Game 7: 1923 Raleigh, NC
NC State 7
Carolina 0
7 ‘Mercans

Game 35: 1972 Raleigh, NC
NC State 42
Carolina 24
42 Flutter kicks

Game 46: 1983 Columbia, SC
Carolina 31
NC State 17
31 Alternating shoulder taps

Game 57: 2009 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 7
NC State 3
7 ‘Overhead presses

Game 49: 1986 Raleigh, NC
NC State 23
Carolina 22
23 Alternating shoulder taps

Game 2: 1900 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 17
NC State 5
17 ‘Mercans

Game 1: 1900 Columbia, SC
Carolina 12
NC State 0
12 ‘Mercans

Game 14: 1930 Columbia, SC
Carolina 19
NC State 0
19 Triceps extensions

Game 33: 1970 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 7
NC State 7
10 Burpees

Game 37: 1974 Raleigh, NC
NC State 42
Carolina 27
42 Flutter kicks

Game 54: 1991 Columbia, SC
NC State 38
Carolina 21
38 Overhead presses

Game 48: 1985 Columbia, SC
NC State 21
Carolina 17
21 Alternating shoulder taps

Game 8: 1924 Columbia, SC
Carolina 10
NC State 0
10 ‘Mercans

Game 6: 1915 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 19
NC State 10
19 ‘Mercans

Game 20: 1956 Raleigh, NC
NC State 14
Carolina 7
14 Triceps extensions

Game 51: 1988 Raleigh, NC
Carolina 23
NC State 7
23 ‘Overhead presses

Mosey back to Legoland to put up bricks.

Flutter kicks (while waiting on the 6) x 20

Mosey back to Shovel flag


BOM led by Swamp Thing

T-claps to Moneypenny, who ironically inspired this Gamecock’s workout today with his Q this week that honored Clemson’s 2016 National Championship Season. Solid work by #TheHerd this AM. We rotated through the pax 3 times for a total of 21 “games” / exercises with the number of repetitions varying from 7-48. YHC has never been much of a score prognosticator, but based on the work done at Jumanji this AM, here’s a shot in the dark at predicting today’s score based on the random selections made today:

Winner of 13 of the 21 random picks: Carolina
Overall average winning score: 22
Overall average losing score: 10

Carolina 22
NC State 10

Great having Swamp Thing back this AM. #Kotters. Continued prayers for him and his family with the addition of baby number 3 and their switch from man-to-man to zone defense.

Welcome PC to his first boot camp workout at Jumanji. He was making it look easy out there this AM!

T-claps to Choo Choo on his 11.7 mile run this AM and getting back in time for the COT.

It was cool seeing Orange Crush at #coffeeteria with his 2.0.

Convergence at Jumanji next Saturday. Stay tuned!
9/11 5k on Monday, September 11. Preview at Stampede on Friday, 9/8.

Prayer requests:
People affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.