• When: 2019-06-20
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Rumble Strip, Bublé, Rook, Danica, Mia, Cream Cheese, Hot-4-Teacher, Banjo, Bar Crawl

Cheers to 3 years!

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since Tardy and Banjo convinced me to set my alarm and actually come out to my first F3 workout! At the time, I had the same excuse as all other FNGs…”Y’all are crazy! 5:15 is way too early! No way I’d ever get up that early just to work out!”  Fast forward 3 years and I’m up at 4am most mornings and am way healthier than I was then, all because of this group of men I’m surrounded by.  So when I realized my 3 year anniversary was this weekend, I snatched up the Q for Thursday to say “Thank You” to all the Detainees! Here’s how it went down:

77 and wrapped in a blanket of humidity

YHC, Cream Cheese, Rumble Strip, and Mia were the brave souls to show up and put in work beforehand. Everyone got around 3 miles in.


20 SSHs
20 Windmills
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Little Baby Arm Circles
YHC started to mosey but was then called out for forgetting the most important warm up of them all….20 TTTs w/ claps

Mosey to the parking lot where 3 cones were setup, plus start/end cones
5 Rounds
Get to first cone using specified movement, do 10 reps, repeat movement to 2nd cone, do 20 reps, repeat movement to 3rd cone and do 30 reps. Al Gore for the 6. Rinse and repeat in the opposite direction
Here were the rounds:

Round Movement Exercise
1 Karaoke BBSU
2 Duck Walk 4 Count American Hammers
3 Backwards Run Gorilla Squats
4 Lunge Monkey Humpers
5 Bear Crawl 2 Count Flutterkicks

Total of 60 reps for each exercise, 300 reps total
Also played some sweet 90’s alternative tunes to get the PAX talking. Did you know that Semisonic’s “Closing Time” is actually about childbirth? Thanks for ruining that song for everyone Banjo.

War Daddy’s Deck
PAX pair up and YHC guesses that Rumble Strip is the War Daddy, but lo and behold, it was Mia!
War Daddy Mia draws a card from the @F3Gear Workout Deck and the first partner performs that exercise while their partner runs a lap around the parking lot.
When their partner returns, flapjack
When everyone is done, War Daddy Mia draws another card and the sequence is repeated
Here were the exercises:
1. Incline Merkins
2. Squat Thrusters
3. Little Baby Crunches
4. Derkins (all PAX did this one together due to time constraints)





    • Tracie Kestner and Isaiah (Blue Rhino’s sister-in-law and nephew)
    • Dawn Merck and family
    • The Hanahan Family
    • Deputy Roy Hall and family
    • Bublé’s job prospects
    • H4T’s 2.1 – doing a sleep study this weekend
    • All our brothers doing the Star Course

From Daily Moments of Strength
The king of Aram had great admiration for Naaman, the commander of his army, because through him the LORD had given Aram great victories.
2 Kings 5:1

WHO ARE THE GREAT MEN IN YOUR LIFE? Whose life has had the greatest impact on yours? Try to come up with the names of five to seven men if you can. If you’re fortunate, you can list your dad among that group. Or you might be able to include a man who took the place of your absent father. Maybe there’s a pastor in there, or a layman who shared the gospel with you. It could be a brother, a coworker, or a fishing buddy. Ask yourself what makes these men great in your life. Is it their compassion or wisdom? Their faithful friendship? Their unique skills and talents? Their example?
Naaman is not a prominent name in the Bible, but he is called a “great man.” What other biblical men come to mind as being great? There are plenty of examples. Abraham demonstrates great faith in courageously venturing into the unknown with God. David shows us what loyalty looks like in his relationships with King Saul and Jonathan. He also provides an example of failure (his adulterous affair) followed by humility and repentance. From the apostle Paul we can learn many things, including perseverance, as he committed his life to spreading the gospel despite persecution and imprisonment. And of course, in Jesus we have the epitome of a great man.
The great men in our lives and in the Bible can serve as examples to encourage us to walk faithfully with God, creating a positive faith legacy of our own.

Create a list of the godly qualities you admire in the great men who have influenced you, and ask God to help you begin cultivating those qualities in your own life.