• When: 2017-09-06
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, caboose, Wilson, Shankapotomus (respect), Urkel, Khakis, Honcho, Staypuff

BYOB at the Rooster

It was Bring Your Own Bike at the Rooster this morning.

YHC had a hard time dragging himself out of the fart sack this morning. After the Qdrenaline wore off from smokehouse yesterday and the PT double down late last night, there was little in the way of motivation to get up and going. Then YHC remembered that he had the Q at Rooster and today would be his last chance to run with his brothers before they left for the Blue Ridge Relay (a.k.a the BRR). Motivation to get out of bed was achieved and YHC sprang into action. YHC arrived at the Rooster to find that several pax had already arrived. The shovel flag was planted and the warm up began.

The group of pax that post at the Rooster enjoy a great deal of flexibility. This group rucks, runs, and walk. This morning it was taken to a whole new level. 2 pax showed up with bicycles. These BRR runners must have wanted to take it easy on the knees this morning.

5 runners got warmed up, mostly by flapping their gums, while 1 rucker adjusted his weights and 2 guys in grape smugglers got on their bikes. I am just kidding about the grape smugglers, I have no idea what they were wearing (not that we judge men and their choice of clothes).

The thang:

The pax set out from the park down Main St.

Right at Hwy 1

Left on Hwy 245 (South Lee St)

Right on Shealy rd

Right on Hwy 1

Left on Main St and back to the flag

All 8 pax returned to the flag before the men began to peel off one by one to go to work.

The Spanish count-o-rama fell flat this morning and we had to revert back to English

Good luck to our BRR running Pax: Khakis, Urkle, Caboose, and Happy Trees